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Martha Dale Cress

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  • Short Title Martha Dale Cress 
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    Text 16 March 2015
    I am the grand daughter of Henry Mitchell Cress and Jesse Saylor - my father was William Cress born 2/16/1911 and died 1/28/91 he was brother to Henry Floyd Cress and Cora Gladys Cress but is not listed. I would be happy to provide more of his information such as his wife ( my mother) and his offspring. Thank you

    Martha Cress Stuker

    17 March 2015
    thank you so much for responding! My father - William (nmn) Cress is the son of Henry Mitchell Cress and Jesse Saylor; sibling to Henry Floyd Cress and Cora Gladys Cress. he was born 2/16/1911 and died 1/28/91. He married Liddia LUCILLE Cress on 4/29/35- Lucille was born 8/29/1915 daughter of Ida Rosenberger and William Tyler Rowling. Lucille was born on 8/29/2015: Their offspring are Willuam Paul Cress 12/11/35, Rex Karl Cress 2/08/42, Aleta jane Cress 11/03/47 and me - Martha Dale Cress Stuker 04/16/1951.
    let me know if you want further offspring or wives names or husbands.
    I have just started my geneaology search and so aporeciate the wirk you have done already. I am frustrated as I have hit a block with John Cress spouse of Nancy Broadmarkle- I believe the Cress family came from Bavaria Germany but just cant find anything else. we are all from southern ILl - Alton and Godfrey - not far from Greene County where much of family settled . Where are you? Thank you again!
    Linked to Henry Mitchell CRESS