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US Federal Census 1900_Elsey R Jones

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  • Title US Federal Census 1900_Elsey R Jones 
    Source ID S14 
    Text Warrior District, Bibb County, Georgia, USA
    Enumeration District 12, Sheet 9
    Date of Census: 08 June 1900
    Name: Elsey R (Jennings) Jones (Head of Household)
    Home in 1900: Warrior District, Bibb, Georgia
    Residence: (unclear)
    Age in 1900: 50
    Birth year: Nov 1849
    Birthplace: Georgia
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Farmer
    Father's Birthplace: New York
    Mother's Birthplace: Georgia
    Son: Hiram J
    Hiram J's Age in 1900: 21
    Hiram J's Birtdate: March 1879
    Hiram J's Birthplace: Georgia
    Hiram J's Father's Birthplace: Georgia
    Hiram J's Mother's Birthplace: Georgia
    Hiram J's Occupation: Farm Laborer
    E(unclear) F
    EF's Age in 1900: 18
    EF's Birthday: May 1882
    EF's Birthplace: Georgia
    EF's Father's Birthplace: Georgia
    EF's Mother's Birthplace: Georgia
    EF's Occupation: Farm Laborer
    Other People in Household:
    Father: Ira Jennings
    Ira Jennings' Age in 1900: 84
    Ira Jennings' Birtdate: July 1815
    Ira Jennings' Birthplace: New York
    Ira Jennings' Father's Birthplace: New York
    Ira Jennings' Mother's Birthplace: New York
    Ira Jennings' Occupation: US Mail Carrier
    Brother: Ben Jennings
    Ben Jennings' Age in 1900: 52
    Ben Jennings' Birtdate: May 1848
    Ben Jennings' Birthplace: Georgia
    Ben Jennings' Father's Birthplace: New York
    Ben Jennings' Mother's Birthplace: Georgia
    Ben Jennings' Occupation: Mail Carrier 
    Linked to Espey Rilla S. JENNINGS
    Hiram J JONES 

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