Johnson & Hanson Trees
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Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1720Virginia, USA I11308
2 Susannah  Abt 1702Virginia, USA I69832
3 BALLENTINE, Frances  1669Virginia, USA I40947
4 CHERRY, Cader  1730Virginia, USA I41052
5 CHERRY, Charles  1732Virginia, USA I41053
6 CHERRY, Elizabeth  1648Virginia, USA I41024
7 CHERRY, Elizabeth  1664Virginia, USA I41038
8 CHERRY, Elizabeth  1733Virginia, USA I41054
9 CHERRY, Faithful  1678Virginia, USA I41045
10 CHERRY, John  1667Virginia, USA I41040
11 CHERRY, Joseph  1668Virginia, USA I41041
12 CHERRY, Lemuel  1685Virginia, USA I41047
13 CHERRY, Patience  1673Virginia, USA I41043
14 CHERRY, Rebecca  1669Virginia, USA I41042
15 CHERRY, Sarah  1666Virginia, USA I41039
16 CHERRY, Solomon  1662Virginia, USA I41037
17 CHERRY, Thomas  1675Virginia, USA I41044
18 CHERRY, William  1680Virginia, USA I41046
19 COURTNEY, Mary  1689Virginia, USA I40944
20 DOUGLAS, Rachel  2 Jun 1760Virginia, USA I69850
21 HANSON, Charles  1616Virginia, USA I671953452
22 HANSON, Enoch  25 Sep 1792Virginia, USA I671953435
23 HANSON, John  1618Virginia, USA I671953453
24 HAUXFORD, John  1654Virginia, USA I671953422
25 HENSON, Alexander A  1652Virginia, USA I69815
26 HENSON, Alvin  1658Virginia, USA I69817
27 HENSON, Daughter  1665Virginia, USA I69819
28 HENSON, George A  1650Virginia, USA I69814
29 HENSON, John  1660Virginia, USA I69818
30 HOLDER, Davis  Virginia, USA I7531
31 HOYLE, Charles  1639Virginia, USA I69810
32 IRONMONGER, Elizabeth  1670Virginia, USA I41032
33 JONES, Hugh  1745Virginia, USA I11289
34 LLEWELLYN, Gatsey Ann  1689Virginia, USA I40945
35 PEAK, Mary  1690Virginia, USA I671953434
36 PERRY, Elizabeth  1663Virginia, USA I671953427
37 QUISENBERRY, Ann  1615Virginia, USA I671953454
38 ROBERTS, Frederick  1733Virginia, USA I69845
39 ROBERTS, Frederick  1757Virginia, USA I672075482
40 ROBERTS, John  1751Virginia, USA I69849
41 ROBERTS, William Graystock  1755Virginia, USA I69848
42 WALKER, Elizabeth  1728Virginia, USA I40895


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elinor  1676Virginia, USA I69813
2 CHERRY, John  1755Virginia, USA I41040
3 CHERRY, Rebecca  1699Virginia, USA I41042
4 HAUXFORD, John  4 Jan 1699Virginia, USA I671953422
5 HENSON, Alexander A  1728Virginia, USA I69815
6 HENSON, George A  1727Virginia, USA I69814
7 HINSON, Elizabeth  1820Virginia, USA I7515
8 HINSON, James Tobias  1650Virginia, USA I69834
9 LETCHWORTH, Anna  1611Virginia, USA I671953446
10 QUISENBERRY, Anne  Virginia, USA I69835


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHERRY / COURTNEY  1718Virginia, USA F14609
2 PEYTON / RUSH  1675Virginia, USA F565968052