Johnson & Hanson Trees
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Sussex Co, Virginia



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARHAM, Ann  1752Sussex Co, Virginia I284
2 BARHAM, David  1756Sussex Co, Virginia I1161
3 BARHAM, Elizabeth  1798Sussex Co, Virginia I257
4 BARHAM, Girl  1784Sussex Co, Virginia I244
5 BARHAM, John  13 Feb 1771Sussex Co, Virginia I1866
6 BARHAM, John  1772Sussex Co, Virginia I1829
7 BARHAM, John  1786Sussex Co, Virginia I1878
8 BARHAM, Lucy  1796Sussex Co, Virginia I255
9 BARHAM, Mary  29 Oct 1775Sussex Co, Virginia I1869
10 BARHAM, Milton  ABT. 1787Sussex Co, Virginia I493
11 BARHAM, Narthaniel  1754Sussex Co, Virginia I287
12 BARHAM, Newsome  11 Jun 1768Sussex Co, Virginia I1865
13 BARHAM, Polly  1794Sussex Co, Virginia I253
14 BARHAM, Rebecca  ABT. 1775Sussex Co, Virginia I1868
15 BARHAM, Thomas B  24 Mar 1784Sussex Co, Virginia I1870
16 BARHAM, William  ABT. 1773Sussex Co, Virginia I1867
17 KNIGHT, Sarah  1746Sussex Co, Virginia I291
18 MOSS, Elizabeth  1752Sussex Co, Virginia I293
19 NEWSOM, Gilliam  26 Mar 1789Sussex Co, Virginia I1871
20 NEWSOM, Hartwell Barham  15 May 1801Sussex Co, Virginia I1876
21 NEWSOM, Jacob Calvin II  1762Sussex Co, Virginia I1277
22 NEWSOM, James Barham  10 Dec 1793Sussex Co, Virginia I1873
23 NEWSOM, William  15 Feb 1799Sussex Co, Virginia I1875
24 PATTERSON, Jane  1809Sussex Co, Virginia I2002