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Surry Co, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Nancy  1796Surry Co, Virginia I1849
2 BARHAM, Allen Cocke  1 Nov 1824Surry Co, Virginia I1892
3 BARHAM, Burwell  1751Surry Co, Virginia I1841
4 BARHAM, Caroline Virginia  7 Dec 1830Surry Co, Virginia I1894
5 BARHAM, Charles  ABT. 1777Surry Co, Virginia I1122
6 BARHAM, Claudius A. W.  27 Apr 1832Surry Co, Virginia I1895
7 BARHAM, Elizabeth  1754Surry Co, Virginia I1851
8 BARHAM, Elizabeth  1780Surry Co, Virginia I1126
9 BARHAM, James  1783Surry Co, Virginia I1120
10 BARHAM, Joseph  1780Surry Co, Virginia I1118
11 BARHAM, Joseph A. S.  22 Mar 1828Surry Co, Virginia I1890
12 BARHAM, Mary Ann  1776Surry Co, Virginia I1123
13 BARHAM, Mary E.  1796Surry Co, Virginia I1886
14 BARHAM, Nancy  1778Surry Co, Virginia I1125
15 BARHAM, Nancy  1797Surry Co, Virginia I1885
16 BARHAM, Robert  1791Surry Co, Virginia I1880
17 BARHAM, Sally  1795Surry Co, Virginia I1884
18 BARHAM, Thomas  1732Surry Co, Virginia I1825
19 BARHAM, Thomas  1793Surry Co, Virginia I1882
20 BARHAM, Thomas L.  1794Surry Co, Virginia I1848
21 BARHAM, Willis  1784Surry Co, Virginia I1846
22 BELL, Rebecca  1795Surry Co, Virginia I1883
23 BENNETT, Virginia  1826Surry Co, Virginia I1893
24 BOTTS, Lane  1774Surry Co, Virginia I1124
25 COOK, Mary  1803Surry Co, Virginia I1952
26 FISHER, Edward  1754Surry Co, Virginia I475
27 GRAY, Elizabeth  1799Surry Co, Virginia I1957
28 GWALTNEY, Emily  1795Surry Co, Virginia I1881
29 HOLLIMAN, William  1756Surry Co, Virginia I477
30 HOLT, Lucy  1734Surry Co, Virginia I1850
31 HOWELL, Pamela  1830Surry Co, Virginia I1891
32 HUNNICUTT, Ann Cocke  24 Feb 1801Surry Co, Virginia I1119
33 HUNNICUTT, Robert B. , Jr  1778Surry Co, Virginia I1127
34 JUDKINS, Joel  1795Surry Co, Virginia I1887
35 NARCISSA  1825Surry Co, Virginia I1960
36 NEWSOM, Alice  1853Surry Co, Virginia I1963
37 NEWSOM, Amanda K.S.  1846Surry Co, Virginia I1951
38 NEWSOM, Elizabeth O.  1834Surry Co, Virginia I1948
39 NEWSOM, Emeline Kingsley  1836Surry Co, Virginia I1944
40 NEWSOM, George W.  1822Surry Co, Virginia I1943
41 NEWSOM, Hartwell  1839Surry Co, Virginia I1956
42 NEWSOM, Jacob Calvin III  6 May 1796Surry Co, Virginia I1874
43 NEWSOM, James Duffy  1850Surry Co, Virginia I1962
44 NEWSOM, Jilom  1823Surry Co, Virginia I1959
45 NEWSOM, Lucy  1822Surry Co, Virginia I1958
46 NEWSOM, Mary  1831Surry Co, Virginia I1954
47 NEWSOM, Sally B.  1841Surry Co, Virginia I1947
48 NEWSOM, Samira T. C.  1844Surry Co, Virginia I1950
49 NEWSOM, Sarah T.  1846Surry Co, Virginia I1961
50 NEWSOM, Thomas Turner  8 Nov 1791Surry Co, Virginia I1872
51 NEWSOM, Washington  1834Surry Co, Virginia I1955
52 NEWSOM, William F.  1831Surry Co, Virginia I1953
53 PYLAND, Silviah  1748Surry Co, Virginia I1879
54 SAVEDGE, Martha  1786Surry Co, Virginia I1847
55 TAYLOR, Martha Elizabeth  1831Surry Co, Virginia I2067
56 WALL, Anderson Goodman  1832Surry Co, Virginia I1945
57 WALL, George W.  1832Surry Co, Virginia I1949


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARHAM, Allen Cocke  10 Aug 1874Surry Co, Virginia I1892
2 BARHAM, Charles  24 Oct 1825Surry Co, Virginia I1122
3 BARHAM, James  Oct 1835Surry Co, Virginia I1120
4 BARHAM, Joseph  2 Sep 1834Surry Co, Virginia I1118
5 BARHAM, Joseph A. S.  28 Oct 1881Surry Co, Virginia I1890
6 BARHAM, Thomas  1765Surry Co, Virginia I1825
7 HUNNICUTT, Ann Cocke  28 Nov 1878Surry Co, Virginia I1119