Johnson & Hanson Trees
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Surry, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, James  1746Surry, Virginia I1820
2 ARRINGTON, Ann  1751Surry, Virginia I151
3 BARHAM, Ann  1749Surry, Virginia I1114
4 BARHAM, Benjamin  1730Surry, Virginia I1834
5 BARHAM, Benjamin  1734Surry, Virginia I1826
6 BARHAM, Benjamin  1754Surry, Virginia I1821
7 BARHAM, Benjamin J.  ABT. 1755Surry, Virginia I1843
8 BARHAM, Elizabeth  BEF. 1704Surry, Virginia I373
9 BARHAM, Elizabeth  1736Surry, Virginia I1837
10 BARHAM, Elizabeth  1748Surry, Virginia I285
11 BARHAM, Elizabeth  ABT. 1751Surry, Virginia I1113
12 BARHAM, Fanny  1734Surry, Virginia I1836
13 BARHAM, Jesse  ABT. 1727Surry, Virginia I1819
14 BARHAM, John  1728Surry, Virginia I1833
15 BARHAM, John  ABT. 1743Surry, Virginia I1107
16 BARHAM, Joseph  1745Surry, Virginia I1116
17 BARHAM, Lucy  1732Surry, Virginia I1835
18 BARHAM, Martha  ABT. 1753Surry, Virginia I1112
19 BARHAM, Mary  BEF. 1710Surry, Virginia I374
20 BARHAM, Mary  ABT. 1747Surry, Virginia I1109
21 BARHAM, Mary  1749Surry, Virginia I1839
22 BARHAM, Rebecca  1753Surry, Virginia I1842
23 BARHAM, William  1726Surry, Virginia I1832
24 BARHAM, William  ABT. 1730Surry, Virginia I1824
25 BRITTLE, Hannah  1757Surry, Virginia I1844
26 DELOACH, Solomon  1737Surry, Virginia I465
27 EDWARDS, Elizabeth  1704Surry, Virginia I369
28 HARRIS, Howell  1734Surry, Virginia I461
29 JUDKINS, Benjamin  1745Surry, Virginia I1110
30 JUDKINS, Faith  1725Surry, Virginia I1838
31 JUDKINS, Mary  1706Surry, Virginia I2424
32 JUDKINS, Sarah  1708Surry, Virginia I372
33 JUDKINS, Sarah  1745Surry, Virginia I1108
34 LANE, Sally  1748Surry, Virginia I1117
35 LANE, Thomas , Jr.  1747Surry, Virginia I1115
36 MOORE, Thomas  1708Surry, Virginia I375
37 NEWSOM, George Madison T.  1853Surry, Virginia I2068
38 PHILLIPS, Francis  1756Surry, Virginia I1822
39 PHILLIPS, Roert  1747Surry, Virginia I1840
40 SALTER, Mary  1710Surry, Virginia I1823


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARHAM, Jesse  1780Surry, Virginia I1819
2 BARHAM, John  1787Surry, Virginia I1107
3 LANE, Sally  1826Surry, Virginia I1117