Johnson & Hanson Trees
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Stokes, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Elizabeth  1784Stokes, North Carolina I348
2 BARHAM, Ann  ABT. 1858Stokes, North Carolina I2119
3 BARHAM, Balaam  ABT. 1854Stokes, North Carolina I2117
4 BARHAM, Charles  ABT. 1870Stokes, North Carolina I2125
5 BARHAM, Charles H.  May 1841Stokes, North Carolina I1984
6 BARHAM, Elizabeth  1849Stokes, North Carolina I2174
7 BARHAM, Elizabeth  ABT. 1866Stokes, North Carolina I2123
8 BARHAM, Francis  ABT. 1850Stokes, North Carolina I2115
9 BARHAM, George  ABT. 1872Stokes, North Carolina I2126
10 BARHAM, James N.  ABT. 1852Stokes, North Carolina I2116
11 BARHAM, Jane  ABT. 1822Stokes, North Carolina I1976
12 BARHAM, John  ABT. 1856Stokes, North Carolina I2118
13 BARHAM, John L.  20 Dec 1820Stokes, North Carolina I248
14 BARHAM, John Patterson  1835Stokes, North Carolina I2016
15 BARHAM, Johnathan  1843Stokes, North Carolina I2170
16 BARHAM, Joseph  ABT. 1862Stokes, North Carolina I2121
17 BARHAM, Lutie  ABT. 1868Stokes, North Carolina I2124
18 BARHAM, Martha E.  1828Stokes, North Carolina I1979
19 BARHAM, Mary  1845Stokes, North Carolina I2172
20 BARHAM, Mary Ann  ABT. 1826Stokes, North Carolina I1978
21 BARHAM, Nancy  1820Stokes, North Carolina I218
22 BARHAM, Phoebe  1847Stokes, North Carolina I2173
23 BARHAM, Prudence  30 Dec 1831Stokes, North Carolina I2000
24 BARHAM, Robert L.  ABT. 1860Stokes, North Carolina I2120
25 BARHAM, Rowan E.  1830Stokes, North Carolina I1980
26 BARHAM, Sowell  1807Stokes, North Carolina I2001
27 BARHAM, Thomas  ABT. 1864Stokes, North Carolina I2122
28 BARHAM, William  ABT. 1824Stokes, North Carolina I1977
29 BARHAM, William  ABT. 1848Stokes, North Carolina I2114
30 BIBEE, Lucinda  1811Stokes, North Carolina I298
31 BROWN, Patty  1788Stokes, North Carolina I250
32 ELLIOT, Charity  1820Stokes, North Carolina I295
33 FRAZER, Elizabeth  1825Stokes, North Carolina I2113
34 FRAZIER, Charity  1785Stokes, North Carolina I495
35 GROWER, Jesse  1812Stokes, North Carolina I217
36 HARMON, Polly  1816Stokes, North Carolina I327
37 HOLBROOK, Margaret (Peggy)  1789Stokes, North Carolina I503
38 LAUNIUS, Catherine  1819Stokes, North Carolina I1986


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARHAM, James M.  1865Stokes, North Carolina I2015


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARHAM / FRAZER  1846Stokes, North Carolina F101
2 BARHAM / LAUNIUS  1840Stokes, North Carolina F824
3 BARHAM / PATTERSON  7 Nov 1828Stokes, North Carolina F826