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Pike County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALDWIN, Matilda  6 Apr 1845Pike County, Kentucky I7109
2 BRANHAM, Martha "Patsy"  Pike County, Kentucky I7080
3 BRANHAM, Polly  Pike County, Kentucky I7087
4 BROWN, John M  1848Pike County, Kentucky I7123
5 BROWN, Phena "Phiney"  28 Jan 1842Pike County, Kentucky I7111
6 BRYANT, Marinda  Pike County, Kentucky I7084
7 ELSWICK, James Wesley  Pike County, Kentucky I7097
8 ELSWICK, John  Pike County, Kentucky I7096
9 ELSWICK, William  Pike County, Kentucky I7094
10 HALL, John  1838Pike County, Kentucky I7121
11 HALL, Mary  Abt 1818Pike County, Kentucky I7083
12 HALL, Noah  1853Pike County, Kentucky I7131
13 HAMILTON, Arminda Jane  1842Pike County, Kentucky I7107
14 HAMILTON, Craig  1855Pike County, Kentucky I7126
15 JOHNSON, Sarah Jane  Pike County, Kentucky I7098
16 KINNEY-NEWSOM, Katherine  1823Pike County, Kentucky I7091
17 KINNEY-NEWSOM, Margaret  Abt 1829Pike County, Kentucky I7092
18 KINNEY-NEWSOM, Nancy  1815Pike County, Kentucky I7088
19 KINNEY-NEWSOM, Sarah "Sally"  1820Pike County, Kentucky I7090
20 KINNEY-NEWSOM, William  1816Pike County, Kentucky I7089
21 MULLINS, Booker  Abt 1809Pike County, Kentucky I7081
22 MULLINS, Jenny  Pike County, Kentucky I7078
23 MULLINS, Smith  Abt 1810Pike County, Kentucky I7082
24 NEWMAN, Mary Jane  28 Feb 1874Pike County, Kentucky I7138
25 NEWSOM, Andrew Jackson  Nov 1844Pike County, Kentucky I7116
26 NEWSOM, Anna  1850Pike County, Kentucky I7124
27 NEWSOM, Cynthia Malissa  1847Pike County, Kentucky I7120
28 NEWSOM, Davenport  1816Pike County, Kentucky I7075
29 NEWSOM, David  25 May 1853Pike County, Kentucky I7127
30 NEWSOM, Elizabeth "Betty"  Abt 1817Pike County, Kentucky I7076
31 NEWSOM, Frederick William Jr  1877Pike County, Kentucky I7134
32 NEWSOM, Lackey  1838Pike County, Kentucky I7108
33 NEWSOM, Margaret P  1852Pike County, Kentucky I7125
34 NEWSOM, Martha "Patsy"  Abt 1819Pike County, Kentucky I7077
35 NEWSOM, Mary  1 Jun 1872Pike County, Kentucky I7133
36 NEWSOM, Miranda S  28 Nov 1833Pike County, Kentucky I7105
37 NEWSOM, Nancy  28 Jul 1856Pike County, Kentucky I7130
38 NEWSOM, Noah  Apr 1855Pike County, Kentucky I7129
39 NEWSOM, Rosannah  1846Pike County, Kentucky I7119
40 NEWSOM, Una Jane  16 Feb 1849Pike County, Kentucky I7122
41 OSBORNE, Darcella "Siller"  1851Pike County, Kentucky I7115
42 OSBORNE, Nancy Jane  14 Jan 1867Pike County, Kentucky I7135
43 ROBINSON, Sarah  Pike County, Kentucky I7095
44 TACKETT, Mary Jane  1850Pike County, Kentucky I7128
45 TOLLEY, Sarah  Pike County, Kentucky I7079


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BALDWIN, Matilda  9 May 1906Pike County, Kentucky I7109
2 BROWN, Phena "Phiney"  21 Mar 1918Pike County, Kentucky I7111
3 HAMILTON, Arminda Jane  1888Pike County, Kentucky I7107
4 LOWE, Mary Margaret "Peggy"  Between 1841-1850Pike County, Kentucky I7065
5 NEWSOM, Andrew Jackson  1911Pike County, Kentucky I7116
6 NEWSOM, Davenport  1879Pike County, Kentucky I7106
7 NEWSOM, Hartwell  Aft 1870Pike County, Kentucky I7068
8 NEWSOM, Henry  Abt 1864Pike County, Kentucky I7070
9 NEWSOM, Lackey  25 Feb 1865Pike County, Kentucky I7108
10 NEWSOM, Miranda S  5 Jun 1912Pike County, Kentucky I7105
11 NEWSOM, Robert K  29 Mar 1895Pike County, Kentucky I7110


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROWN / NEWSOM  Pike County, Kentucky F2658
2 ELSWICK / KINNEY-NEWSOM  12 Feb 1835Pike County, Kentucky F2639
3 ELSWICK / KINNEY-NEWSOM  31 Dec 1835Pike County, Kentucky F2641
4 ELSWICK / KINNEY-NEWSOM  28 Dec 1844Pike County, Kentucky F2642
5 KINNEY-NEWSOM / BRANHAM  19 Jun 1834Pike County, Kentucky F2638
6 KINNEY-NEWSOM / JOHNSON  10 Nov 1853Pike County, Kentucky F2643
7 KINNEY-NEWSOM / ROBINSON  7 May 1853Pike County, Kentucky F2640
8 MULLINS / NEWSOM  3 Dec 1829Pike County, Kentucky F2633
9 MULLINS / NEWSOM  10 Mar 1833Pike County, Kentucky F2634
10 NEWSOM / BALDWIN  28 May 1860Pike County, Kentucky F2649
11 NEWSOM / BRANHAM  2 Sep 1831Pike County, Kentucky F2632
12 NEWSOM / BRYANT  6 Apr 1837Pike County, Kentucky F2636
13 NEWSOM / HALL  11 Feb 1834Pike County, Kentucky F2635
14 NEWSOM / HALL  22 Jan 1835Pike County, Kentucky F2644
15 NEWSOM / NEWMAN  Abt 1890Pike County, Kentucky F2664
16 NEWSOM / OSBORNE  2 Apr 1871Pike County, Kentucky F2653
17 NEWSOM / OSBORNE  Abt 1884Pike County, Kentucky F2662
18 NEWSOM / SPENCER-FRAISER  15 Sep 1870Pike County, Kentucky F2646
19 NEWSOM / TOLLEY  13 Mar 1831Pike County, Kentucky F2631