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Macon County, MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HALLEY, Clayborn  ABT. 1857Macon County, MO I10613
2 HALLEY, Cordelia F.  29 Jul 1850Macon County, MO I10262
3 HALLEY, Elizabeth Ann  16 Feb 1848Macon County, MO I10272
4 HALLEY, George  24 Apr 1822Macon County, MO I10286
5 HALLEY, George Ann  ABT. 1844Macon County, MO I10608
6 HALLEY, James L.  26 Oct 1855Macon County, MO I10275
7 HALLEY, James Philip  22 Jul 1848Macon County, MO I10610
8 HALLEY, John H.  ABT. 1839Macon County, MO I10606
9 HALLEY, John Wm.  1843Macon County, MO I10270
10 HALLEY, Martha Frances  6 Jul 1853Macon County, MO I10612
11 HALLEY, Mary Susan  2 Jan 1846Macon County, MO I10271
12 HALLEY, Mathew P.  ABT. 1849Macon County, MO I10611
13 HALLEY, Matthew Thomas  6 Oct 1858Macon County, MO I10276
14 HALLEY, Robert  1860Macon County, MO I10277
15 HALLEY, Sarah (Sally) D.  2 Feb 1853Macon County, MO I10274
16 HALLEY, Sarah E.  ABT. 1844Macon County, MO I10609
17 HALLEY, William C.  4 Jul 1841Macon County, MO I10607
18 HOLLEY, Elizabeth R.  1838Macon County, MO I10588
19 HOLLEY, James F.  Dec 1849Macon County, MO I10591
20 HOLLEY, Mary P.  1837Macon County, MO I10587
21 HOLLEY, Tabitha Ann  2 Jun 1840Macon County, MO I10589
22 SMITH, Charles J.  ABT. Nov 1883Macon County, MO I2383
23 SMITH, Ethel M.  Apr 1882Macon County, MO I2348
24 SMITH, Luther  ABT. 1877Macon County, MO I2381
25 SMITH, Minnie  ABT. 1878Macon County, MO I2382
26 SMITH, Pearl G  ABT. Aug 1889Macon County, MO I2385
27 SMITH, Raymond Carlos  1 Mar 1902Macon County, MO I553
28 SMITH, William  ABT. 1876Macon County, MO I2380
29 TILLER, John Elther  15 Apr 1874Macon County, MO I10265
30 TILLER, Loretta F. (Lola)  ABT. 1869Macon County, MO I10263
31 TILLER, Louise Elizabeth  19 Oct 1870Macon County, MO I10301
32 TILLER, Lydia C. (Cora)  ABT. 1878Macon County, MO I10267


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HALLEY, Elizabeth P.  31 Dec 1873Macon County, MO I10282
2 HALLEY, George  Apr 1903Macon County, MO I10286
3 HALLEY, John Wm.  16 Aug 1881Macon County, MO I10270
4 HALLEY, Sally  BEF. 26 Oct 1853Macon County, MO I10288
5 HOLLEY, James Patton  14 Jan 1854Macon County, MO I10280
6 SURBER, Maria Ann  11 Sep 1890Macon County, MO I10651
7 THOMPSON, Louisa Ann  1868Macon County, MO I10269


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HALLEY / PEYTON  26 Jul 1838Macon County, MO F3792
2 HALLEY / SURBER  6 Sep 1844Macon County, MO F3794
3 SMITH / SULLIVAN  6 Oct 1873Macon County, MO F914
4 TILLER / HALLEY  22 Nov 1868Macon County, MO F3765