Johnson & Hanson Trees
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Gray, Jones Co., GA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 EMERSON, Hugh Page  2 Aug 1900Gray, Jones Co., GA I4548
2 HOLSENBECK, Clifford  3 Dec 1884Gray, Jones Co., GA I4290
3 LOWE, Ellis Herbert  8 Aug 1906Gray, Jones Co., GA I4228
4 LOWE, Ellis Herndon  10 Apr 1883Gray, Jones Co., GA I4214
5 LOWE, Eula  14 Nov 1884Gray, Jones Co., GA I4277
6 LOWE, Frances Cordelia  2 Oct 1891Gray, Jones Co., GA I4282
7 LOWE, Infant Son  22 Apr 1890Gray, Jones Co., GA I4281
8 LOWE, Jerry Green  10 Jan 1894Gray, Jones Co., GA I4283
9 LOWE, Lawrence William  10 Jan 1889Gray, Jones Co., GA I4280
10 LOWE, Mary Elizabeth  23 Apr 1887Gray, Jones Co., GA I4279
11 LOWE, Ralph Augustus  15 Jan 1904Gray, Jones Co., GA I4288
12 LOWE, Thelma  22 Apr 1908Gray, Jones Co., GA I4231
13 LOWE, Vera Vinion  25 Dec 1885Gray, Jones Co., GA I4278
14 LOWE, Willard  22 Sep 1905Gray, Jones Co., GA I4233
15 LOWE, William Herndon  5 Jan 1855Gray, Jones Co., GA I4242
16 MALONE, Allie  12 Sep 1883Gray, Jones Co., GA I4213
17 ROBERTS, Arthur Napoleon  6 Oct 1895Gray, Jones Co., GA I4466
18 ROBERTS, Charles Yancey  15 Aug 1859Gray, Jones Co., GA I4364
19 ROBERTS, Elton  15 May 1904Gray, Jones Co., GA I4530
20 ROBERTS, Eugene A  26 Dec 1866Gray, Jones Co., GA I4248
21 ROBERTS, Green  8 Apr 1822Gray, Jones Co., GA I4254
22 ROBERTS, Hansel Nicholas  1 Sep 1899Gray, Jones Co., GA I4519
23 ROBERTS, Jackson  4 Apr 1825Gray, Jones Co., GA I4259
24 ROBERTS, Luke Renfroe  6 Apr 1900Gray, Jones Co., GA I4525
25 ROBERTS, Lula Inez  17 Feb 1901Gray, Jones Co., GA I4407
26 ROBERTS, Mark Fulton  6 Mar 1898Gray, Jones Co., GA I4516
27 ROBERTS, Mattie  19 Nov 1855Gray, Jones Co., GA I4245
28 ROBERTS, Nicholas Green  23 Nov 1871Gray, Jones Co., GA I4458
29 ROBERTS, Pearl Florene  23 Jan 1894Gray, Jones Co., GA I4465
30 ROBERTS, Sabina Jane  31 Aug 1859Gray, Jones Co., GA I4241
31 ROBERTS, Sallie Sabina  18 Aug 1878Gray, Jones Co., GA I4459
32 SUMMERS, Mary (or Broach)  27 Mar 1832Gray, Jones Co., GA I4253
33 WILDER, Elizabeth  1803Gray, Jones Co., GA I4257


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Mary J.  20 Feb 1901Gray, Jones Co., GA I4355
2 GUNNELS, Louis W.  26 Nov 1994Gray, Jones Co., GA I4238
3 HAYS, Guy , Sr.  Jun 1984Gray, Jones Co., GA I4234
4 HOLSENBECK, Clifford  Mar 1979Gray, Jones Co., GA I4290
5 HUDSON, Margaret (Peggy)  25 Feb 1836Gray, Jones Co., GA I4267
6 LOWE, Bertha Sabina  Nov 1985Gray, Jones Co., GA I4286
7 LOWE, Ellis Herbert  1995Gray, Jones Co., GA I4228
8 LOWE, Ellis Herndon  23 Dec 1915Gray, Jones Co., GA I4214
9 LOWE, Ethel  Dec 1974Gray, Jones Co., GA I4287
10 LOWE, Eula  Dec 1973Gray, Jones Co., GA I4277
11 LOWE, Frances Cordelia  Jan 1981Gray, Jones Co., GA I4282
12 LOWE, Infant Son  22 Apr 1890Gray, Jones Co., GA I4281
13 LOWE, Mary Elizabeth  Mar 1976Gray, Jones Co., GA I4279
14 LOWE, Ralph Augustus  May 1970Gray, Jones Co., GA I4288
15 LOWE, Vera Vinion  24 Jan 1887Gray, Jones Co., GA I4278
16 LOWE, William Herndon  9 Nov 1917Gray, Jones Co., GA I4242
17 MALONE, Allie  Dec 1972Gray, Jones Co., GA I4213
18 ROBERTS, Charles Yancey  29 Jul 1938Gray, Jones Co., GA I4364
19 ROBERTS, Green  22 Aug 1902Gray, Jones Co., GA I4254
20 ROBERTS, Jackson  14 Sep 1899Gray, Jones Co., GA I4259
21 ROBERTS, Luke  31 Dec 1854Gray, Jones Co., GA I4256
22 ROBERTS, Lula Inez  7 Dec 1994Gray, Jones Co., GA I4407
23 ROBERTS, Reuben Sr  20 Nov 1845Gray, Jones Co., GA I4266
24 ROBERTS, Sabina Jane  27 Nov 1943Gray, Jones Co., GA I4241
25 SUMMERS, Mary (or Broach)  16 Jul 1889Gray, Jones Co., GA I4253
26 VINSON, Velna  Sep 1985Gray, Jones Co., GA I4415
27 WILDER, Elizabeth  22 May 1849Gray, Jones Co., GA I4257


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 HOLSENBECK / LOWE  4 Dec 1907Gray, Jones Co., GA F1618
2 JONES / ROBERTS  15 Oct 1874Gray, Jones Co., GA F1604
3 LOWE / MALONE  16 Aug 1902Gray, Jones Co., GA F1580
4 LOWE / ROBERTS  1 Dec 1881Gray, Jones Co., GA F1582
5 ROBERTS / BAKER  4 Sep 1845Gray, Jones Co., GA F1611
6 ROBERTS / BRANTLEY  6 Jul 1852Gray, Jones Co., GA F1612
7 ROBERTS / JAMES  19 Dec 1889Gray, Jones Co., GA F1605
8 ROBERTS / SUMMERS  30 Nov 1848Gray, Jones Co., GA F1600
9 ROBERTS / WILDER  Gray, Jones Co., GA F1608