Johnson & Hanson Trees
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Fauquier County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENEAR, Henry H  1771Fauquier County, Virginia I10223
2 BENEAR, Juliann  1817Fauquier County, Virginia I10231
3 BENEAR, Nancy  28 Sep 1808Fauquier County, Virginia I10230
4 HANSON, Reuben Crawford SR.  1793Fauquier County, Virginia I7350
5 HINSON, Ann  1748Fauquier County, Virginia I7517
6 HINSON, Elizabeth  1749Fauquier County, Virginia I7515
7 HINSON, James Sr  1765Fauquier County, Virginia I7520
8 HINSON, Jesse SR.  24 Jul 1761Fauquier County, Virginia I7435
9 HINSON, John  1777Fauquier County, Virginia I7525
10 HINSON, Margaret  1775Fauquier County, Virginia I7524
11 HINSON, Tapley  1768Fauquier County, Virginia I7521
12 HINSON, William Charles  1770Fauquier County, Virginia I7522
13 HOLMES, Carolina Matilda  Between 1818-1820Fauquier County, Virginia I9829
14 HOLMES, Elizabeth S  26 Aug 1811Fauquier County, Virginia I9825
15 HOLMES, Ellen  Between 1821-1822Fauquier County, Virginia I9831
16 HOLMES, Ely (Ell)  Abt 1784Fauquier County, Virginia I9797
17 HOLMES, Franklin Turner  Abt 1826Fauquier County, Virginia I9895
18 HOLMES, George Washington  Abt 1816Fauquier County, Virginia I9892
19 HOLMES, Louisa Ann  22 Jan 1803Fauquier County, Virginia I9821
20 HOLMES, Sabitha Ann  Abt 1822Fauquier County, Virginia I9893
21 HOLMES, Sarah Jane  Abt 1815Fauquier County, Virginia I9826
22 HOLMES, Susan  Abt 1815Fauquier County, Virginia I9827
23 HOLMES, William  Abt 1772Fauquier County, Virginia I9791
24 HUME, Agnes  Abt 1762Fauquier County, Virginia I9814
25 WHITLEY (WHEATLEY), Karen Happuch  Abt 1784Fauquier County, Virginia I9891
26 WHITTON, Elizabeth  1785Fauquier County, Virginia I8415


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BENEAR, Derek  1798Fauquier County, Virginia I10224
2 BENEAR, Henry H  1852Fauquier County, Virginia I10223
3 HALLEY, Sybilla  1803Fauquier County, Virginia I9379
4 HILL, Anna  Between 10 September 1825 - 1826Fauquier County, Virginia I9399
5 HINSON, Robert  1740Fauquier County, Virginia I7526
6 HINSON, Robert Jesse  26 Apr 1802Fauquier County, Virginia I7512
7 HOLMES, Ely (Ell)  1846Fauquier County, Virginia I9797
8 HOLMES, Franklin Turner  Abt 1878Fauquier County, Virginia I9895
9 PATRICK, Margaret "Peggy"  26 Apr 1802Fauquier County, Virginia I7513
10 WHITLEY (WHEATLEY), Karen Happuch  Between 1850-1860Fauquier County, Virginia I9891


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BENEAR / HOLMES  1824Fauquier County, Virginia F3659
2 BENEAR / SHAW  1800Fauquier County, Virginia F3744
3 CONNER / HINSON  25 May 1781Fauquier County, Virginia F2963
4 DIALLS / HINSON  Fauquier County, Virginia F2791
5 HINSON / CRAWFORD  28 Nov 1787Fauquier County, Virginia F2734
6 HINSON / HOLDER  11 Jul 1792Fauquier County, Virginia F2794
7 HOLMES / RISEN  22 Dec 1801Fauquier County, Virginia F3615
8 HOLMES / WHITLEY (WHEATLEY)  2 Jan 1815Fauquier County, Virginia F3645