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Elijah DEAN

Male 1794 - 1858  (~ 64 years)

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  • Name Elijah DEAN 
    Birth Sep 1794  Washington County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Death 10 Nov 1858  Dale County, Alabama Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Burial Mount Olive Cemetery Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Laurens Troop of Light Dragoons, 2nd Brigade, 5th Division Military Unit 1813/1838 Stationed at various times at Hartford, Ga and at Ft. Early, Ga
    • Sources:

      Title: The Deans: Two Hundred Years Across the South
      Author: Dean, Thomas Herbert
      Title: 1850 Muscogee GA (1850 U.S. Census) GEORGIA , MUSCOGEE, HALLOCOX DIST Series: M432 Roll: 7 9 Page: 343.
      Publication: Copy on file Sharon Dean Lee
      Text: 43 DEAN Elijah 56 Washington Co., GA 43
      DEAN Martha 54 Burke Co., GA 43
      DEAN Elizabeth 16 Houston Co., GA 43
      DEAN James J. 13 Houston Co., GA 43
      CHERRY Mary A. 20 Pulaski Co., GA 43
      CHERRY George F. 16 Houston Co., GA
      Title: Elijah and Martha Page Dean's War of 1812 Pension Application Papers, copies Thomas H Dean an d posted on rootsweb
      Publication: < txt>
      Text: According to his pension papers filed in Muscogee Co, GA, 7 Nov 1850, and his wife Martha Pag e,s widow's pension papers filed 26 Aug 1873 in Dale Co, AL, Elijah Dean/ Deen served in th e War of 1812 as follows:
      ? The Laurens Troop of Light Dragoons, 2nd Brigade, 5th Division under General David Blacksh ear; stationed at various times at Hartford, GA and at Ft. Early, GA.
      ? Oct 1812 to 31 March 1813. 1st Corp. Chambers Battalion Infantry; Capt Shadrack Adkinson , Col. Smith, Major Manning. Discharged Ft. New Hope, FL. Mustered out by Major Manning.
      ? 21 Nov 1814 to 20 May 1815. 1st Lt. Wimberly's Regiment, Capt John Thomas' Company, muster ed in at Ft. Hawkins, GA. Discharged Darrien, GA.
      ? Additional service:
      From 1816-1824 Elijah Dean was a Captain in Laurens Co, GA (Dean?s Military District)
      From 1829-1832 Elijah Dean was a Major in Houston Co, GA. (Major Dean's Battalion; Dean's Mil itary District)
      Title: Laurens County Legal Records 1807-1832
      Publication: Compiled by Allen Thomas, 1991. NSDAR Library, Washington, DC. Copy on file Sharon Dean Lee
      Title: The Official History of Laurens County, Georgia 1807-1941. Dublin, GA: ed and published by Jo hn Laurens Chapter DAR, 1941
      Author: Hart, Bertha Sheppard, M. A.
      Publication: NSDAR Library, Washington, D.C. Copy on file Sharon Dean Lee
      Text: (p. 79)
      ?We present Archibald Dougald [sic] Wilkerson for trading with a negro belonging to Wilbur Sm ith for money to the amount of $2.75, on Sunday, the 13th of February, and also for frequentl y keeping tipping Shop door open on the Sabbath, Elijah Deen, one of our body informed.? Dav id Blackshear, Foreman.
      Title: Georgia Military Affairs, Vol 4 1814-1819
      Text: 5th May 1819, Dublin, Laurens County. The following officers served at the court martial o f Captain Jacob Robinson, of the Laurens Troop of Light Dragoons:

      Col. Ezekiel Wimberly of Twiggs County, Pres.
      Lt. Col. Elijah Blackshear
      Major John Thomas
      Capt Adam Jones
      Capt Leroy G Harris
      Capt Davis Smith
      Capt Elijah Dean
      Capt. Uriah Kenchen
      Capt Reason Watson
      Capt. James Harrison
      Catp Sion Smith
      Lt. James Brown
      Lt. Charles S. Guiton
      Lt. Daniel Roberts
      Lt. Thomas Saunders
      Lt. Jesse See
      Lt Mathew Smith

      Major Neill Munroe Judge Advocate
      David, Blackshear, B. Gen. 2 B. 5. D.

      The president Col. Ezekiel Wimberly not being present I do hereby appoint Lt. Co. Elijah Blac kshear to preside in his stead.
      David Blackshear B. Gen.
      Author: Walker, Mrs. J. L. Compiled and published by Perry Lynnfield Blackshear, Sr.
      Atlanta, GA, for private distribution 1954
      Publication: <>

      See also:
      [American State Papers, Indian Affairs, vol. 8, p. 754-862] [Senate Doc. 249, 19th Congress , 2nd Session]
      Senate Doc. 249 - Proceedings in relation to a Creek Treaty
      This is a collection of documents titled "Proceedings in Relation to a Creek Treaty" that ar e reproduced in the American State Papers, volume 8. Much of the letters were written by o r written to George M. Troup, the Governor of Georgia.
      Note: General McIntosh was killed in 1825 by Creeks who did not agree with his efforts to sel l Creek land: < m>
      ?Documents on the subject of the murder of General McIntosh and other friendly chiefs of th e Creek Nation; of the cause which produced it, &c.; accompanying the Governor's message at t he opening of the extra session.?
      [Elijah Dean rejoined Blackshear and Wimberly?s regiment in Nov 1814 and would have been par t of the action ordered by Major General McIntosh.]

      By Mrs. J. L. Walker

      'Old Blackshear Trail, written by Mrs. J. L. Walker of Waycross, is probably the only authent ic compilation of data on the trail, in existence. Mrs. Walker has been requested to publis h the story on a number of occasions, and it has appeared in one of the large dailies of th e state.
      At the announcement of the unveiling of the Memorial tablet, Mrs. Walker gladly consented t o the publication of the article, which bears historic facts of interest to people throughou t this section.' [Perry Lynnfield Blackshear, Sr.]

      Many interesting facts in the history of our country are being unearthed in the bringing fro m obscure places the old topographic maps of Georgia. The early surveys show the contour line s of the old trading paths and roads and many of these roads form boundaries of lands in diff erent sections of the country.

      The Blackshear trail has the distinction of forming several boundaries in its routing to McIn tosh County. This Military road is found on several old maps, winding a circuitous route in a nd out of the once thickly forested lands in Southern Georgia. It passes many miles along th e banks of the Ocmulgee and Flint Rivers, opening an avenue of protection for the strugglin g colonies along the coast. Part of the road that was opened for the passing of General Black shear and his army was followed exclusively in many places, and when asked why he diverted hi s route he replied: 'I like to travel along the banks of the rivers owing to the convenienc e of receiving supplies for my army.' He also had to blaze the road for many miles out of th e way on account of the river swamps and only direct line of travel that followed to Darien w as after the road merged into the old
      Barnard path in Pierce County.

      Blackshear's military road had its beginning from Big Bend of the Ocmulgee River near Hartfor d, once the county seat of Pulaski. It was cut through the entire country on to what is now D ooly County passing along the banks of the Flint River in what is now Crisp County.

      Here the army camped and built Fort Early. General Blackshear describes the building of thi s fort by his men, in a letter sent on August 13, 1813, to Governor Mitchell. The road passe d out of Crisp into Lee County, where General Blackshear and his men spent the night at Cheha w Village at the lower part of Wilcox, passing directly through the entire length of Telfair . Dr. B. M. Kennon's pharmacy at McRae is located in the middle of the old road which passe s along through old Jacksonville in that county.
      It crosses little Ocmulgee into Coffee, through Appling, and it passes in the Barnard Path, c rossing Hurricane Creek into Pierce where General Blackshear, with 5,000 Indian prisoners, to gether with his men camped, the ground later being selected for the county site of Pierce Cou nty and named Blackshear. The road after passing into Ware County is designated in the Ordina ry's office as passing through lot 213, Gilcrist Park. This road, after leaving Gilcrist Park , passed down the old Train Road that leads out along the boarders of the Okefinokee Swamp; h ere two miles of the military road was corduroyed and the logs are serving today and the sam e purpose for which they were put there over a hundred years ago, making a causeway over th e marshy place. It passes Braganza, crosses Spanish Creek at Uptonville, through Bethel Churc h, Sardis School, Prospect Church, South across Cowhouse just below Starland Branch, comes i n then diagonally westward toward the swamp border to The Saint Marys River.

      It then traverses a corner of Camden, and cuts through Glyim to McIntosh county.

      The soldiers often had to swim swollen streams and raft over their effects of army supplies.

      No obstacles were so great that they were not surmounted by General Blackshear's intrepid sol diers.

      The following letters will not only furnish information in regard to the military road, but w ill show the spirit of the times:
      Governor Mitchell to General David Blackshear, Milledgeville, August 4, 1813.
      'Dear Sir: From the representations I have received of the fears of our people on the frontie r, under the present state of Indian hostility, I have to request that you will proceed to th at part of the frontier within your brigade, and adopt such measures as will afford some secu rity to the inhabitants until the troops now ordered to be got in readiness are marched to th e attack of the Indians.
      You will report to me what you deem necessary in this respect and have as much regard to econ omy as the nature of the case will admit.
      I am, dear sir, with great regard and esteem, your very obedient servant. D. B. Mitchell'

      The gravity of the situation is shown in General Blackshear's reply to Governor Mitchell, whi ch follows:
      'Oconee, August 13, 1813
      Dear Sir:
      I have just returned from my tour on the frontier of my brigade, where I found the inhabitant s in a high state of alarm--an immense number of whom had fled to the interior. I proceeded t o lay off three forts on the frontier of Twiggs county (at about ten miles distance from eac h other,) about one hundred feet square to have two blockades and enclosed with a stockad e 8 feet above ground, and ordered one subaltern, a sergeant, a corporal and fifteen private s to each, and a captain to command and superintend the building and discipline the men.

      In Pulaski, having a greater extent of frontier as those in Twiggs, and the same number of me n to each (one of these in Fort Valley, in Crisp County,) I then proceeded to Telfair and lai d out there ninety feet square, and ordered one sergeant, a corporal and twelve privates to e ach and a subaltern to command the whole, to be relieved every ten days until further orders. '

      Governor Mitchell directed that the whole of the lower frontier be protected by forts and blo ck houses, asking that the lower bridge over the river between the Okefinokee Swamp be occupi ed with a suitable garrison. He felt that this would hold the Indians in complete check, an d his plans for the protection of the settlers were fully carried out, but to no avail, for m assacres of the most cruel kind continued to occur in Southern Georgia.

      The following year Governor Peter Early wrote General Blackshear and advised for the cuttin g of a road from Hartfort to Pulaski, to St. Marys. He stated: 'I have for some time forborn e taking any definite steps relating to the contemplated road from Ocmulgee to St. Marys, tho ugh we wish to have an understanding with Colonel Hawkins which might prevent anything unplea sant from arising between us and the friendly Indians. This understanding is now effected, an d there is no obstacle remaining against proceeding immediately to the accomplishment of th e object.'

      Another letter from military headquarters, September 17, 1814, is quoted in part as follows:
      'There is being represented to the commander-in-chief that the Indian frontier on the countie s of Twiggs, Pulaski, and Telfair is menaced with depredations from the hostile Indians. Brig adier General Blackshear will order some prudent and judicious officer with a patrol of caval ry, consisting of twenty privates, armed with guns, to explore the country between the Ocmulg ee, opposite Hartford, and Flint River, below and above the Hitchee Town. The object of the e xpedition is two-fold; First, to ascertain whether any hostile Indians are lurking in the qua rter; secondly, to ascertain the best practical route for a road from Hartford to Flint River , striking the latter below the mouth of Wecuy-wap creek. The officer who shall be ordered o n this service will be charged carefully to avoid any interruption with friendly Indians.
      By order of the Commander-in-chief.
      Anthony Porter, Secretary.'

      Orders from Major General McIntosh for General Blackshear to march with Colonel Wimberley's r egiment of infantry from Camp Hope, on the Ocmulgee, to Hartford and from thence by openin g a road in the most direct way to the Flint River are as follows:
      'Camp Hope, Dec. 14, 1814.
      Brigadier General Blackshear will march, with Colonel Wimberley's regiment of infantry, direc t from this encampment to Hartford, on the Ocmulgee, and proceed from thence by opening a roa d in the most direct way to the Flint River, bearing in mind that he must apprise me, from ti me to time, of the strength and movement of any hostile Indians that he may acquire knowledg e of on the march, taking special care that the information sent me by the best means can aff ord or admit of, keeping in view the object of this march towit, to deter any hostile or mara uding party of Indians from committing acts of violence or making predatory excursions on th e frontier of the state of Georgia most exposed to their savage fury, making every effort a t the same time to arrive at the Flint River as speedily as possible, giving me the earlies t information of that event.
      Upon General Blackshear's arrival at the Flint River, he will proceed to select a proper situ ation as a place of deposit for provisions, and throw up a small breastwork, with pickets aro und it, and two small block houses at right angles of the same, about sixteen or eighteen fee t square, which will be sufficient to secure the work for the assault on every side. A subalt ern's command will be sufficient for this on situation, who will remain and occupy it until o therwise ordered or relieved. His excellency, the governor, will detach two hundred horseme n to join the General at this point, as soon as in his opinion, a sufficient time has been al lowed to this detachment to reach the Flint River.

      Major Blue of the 39th regiment, with about sixteen hundred mounted men. Choctawa, Chickasaw s and Creeks, were to march on the first instant in pursuit of the Red Sticks and their allie s. Colonel Hawkins' warriors are likewise ready, and will join to chastise the Seminoles or a ny other tribe of the hostile Indians that may be collected or collecting; and (If necessary ) I will combine my whole force to that object which will depend on the intelligence I shal l receive from you.

      If there shall be the smallest grounds for believing a collected enemy in the route directed , the general will be particularly cautious to march in regular order, either in two or thre e columns, as he finds most convenient-keeping an advance and rear guard, with double flanker s in center, front and rear to prevent surprise or ambuscade. The Flankers ought to be reliev ed every hour, having an arduous duty.

      Before you march you will order the regimental surgeons to report to you any of your detachme nt incapable of performing duty from indisposition; and should there be any that require an y medical aid, a surgeon's mate must be left with them, and one or two attendants, if necessa ry, with orders to proceed on to Fort Mitchell as soon as surgeon deems them able to perfor m the march.

      By order of Major General John McIntosh.
      Daniel Otis Dunham,

      Compiled and published by Perry Lynnfield Blackshear, Sr.
      Atlanta, GA, for private distribution 1954, AD
      Printed and bound in the USA by Foot and Davies, Inc, Atlanta
      Title: Laurens County Legal Records 1807-1832
      Publication: Compiled by Allen Thomas, 1991. p. 817. NSDAR Library, Washington, DC., Copy on file Sharo n Dean Lee

      Text: Williams, Frederick K. P. 10-10-1806 p. 32. Williams, of Washington County, sold to John Ar line of Washington County. 120 acres on Ohopee River, originally grantered [sic] to Abigai l Hilliard on Nov. 13, 1799 by Governor James Jackson. Land adjoined Arline. $60.00. Witne sses Joel Williams and Justice of Peace Elijah Dean. ZZZ
      NOTE: this Elijah Dean is not the Elijah that is son of Richard because Richard's son, who wa s born in 1794 (this date in the family bible and on his military pension records), would hav e been only twelve years old.

      Williams, Benjamin 12-09-1812 Benjamin Williams, of Columbia County, and attorney-in-fact fo r Elijah Dean, late of Columbia County, sold to John Hatcher of Wilkinson County. 12 L. D. , L. L. #301. $100.00. Witnesses William D. Lane and Justice of Inferior Court L. Lamar.

      NOTE:_ Posted by: Robert Hatcher (ID *****3624)
      Date: July 20, 2004 at 15:44:30
      of 33410

      NOTICE Article in The Augusta Chronicle(Georgia) August 2, 1799
      (formerly COXE) be now living, on applying at this office he will hear of something very muc h to bis advantage. The
      said Frederick is about 24 years of age,was: born in Virginia, but has been for several year s either in Georgia or South Carolina, with his uncle Frederick
      Williams. If living, be is earnestly requested to apply as above. But if he be dead, it wil l be a friendly ofice if any respectable character to give authentic notice thereof
      to the printer of this paper.
      August 2,1799

      Title: Documents from Houston County, Georgia, for Richard and Elijah Dean and Related Families. Com piled by Sharon Dean Lee. La
      Text: Wills & Inferior Court Minutes of Houston County, Georgia. Will Book ?A? 1821-1938; Inferio r Court Minutes 1821-1836;, Inferior Court Minuters 1836-1852. Compiled by William B. Henry , 1987: Central Georgia Genealogical Society, NSDAR Library # 82156. Copy on file Sharon Dea n Lee.
      p. 24
      Page 62-29 Jul 1828:
      In Aug of 1828, Elijah Dean, James Chance and Ratliff Echols are three of the appraisers of t he estate of Edward Stafford and James Dean posts part of the $16,000 bond for the estate.
      NOTE: This is the only real time that Elijah Dean and James Dean seem to cross paths.

      Page 53-16 Aug. 1828:
      H. Sumerford, Ratliff Echols, Elijah Dean, N. F. Hooker, and James Chance were appointed appr aisers for estate of Edward Stafford, dec.
      NOTE: Ratliff Echols was married to

      p. 28
      Page 99-3 May 1830:
      John Quick was duly appointed administrator on the estate of Elisha H. Coward and Henry Lunsf ord, James Jones, Thomas N McWilliams, Ratliff Echols, and Winfer Graddy were appointed appra isers.

      Page 101-12 July 1830:
      Isaac Taylor was appointed guardian of Lany Hawkins, minor and orphan of William Hawkins, la te of Washington County, dec., Isaac Taylor giving bond with Thomas Taylor and William Sheppa rd as security.

      p. 29
      Page 107-1 Nov 1830:
      Lunsford Pitts and Henry Pitts are dismissed from their administration of the estate of Lunsf ord C. Pitts.

      p. 30
      [Feb? 1831]
      Ratliff Echols was appointed guardian of Burton Pitts, David Pitts, and Martha Pitts, minor s of Lunsford C. Pitts dec. upon his giving bond of $2500 with Elijah Dean and Henry Lunsfor d as security.
      NOTE: Ruth Page Pitts, widow, married Ratliff Echols.
      . . .
      Ratliff Echols, guardian for the orphans of Lunsford C. Pitts, dec., granted leave to hire ou t either public or private the negroes belonging to said orphans.50, also a boy Albert to Hen ry Pitts for $102.00, and a girl Sophia to Ruth [Page] Pitts for $28.00 omitted in said retur n.
      NOTE: This is a huge breakthrough.
      (1) The document connects the four Pages of Burkes and Laurens Co, GA: This is the first soli d connection I have found between Elijah Dean (married Martha Page) and Lunsford C Pitts (mar ried Ruth Page) Elijah, as JP in Laurens, GA also performed the marriage between Baptist Scot t (see below) and Margaret Page and between Jacob Page and Elizabeth Roberts.
      (2) Connects the Colemans, Reeses, Pitts, Lunsfords, and Deans: Elijah?s daughter Martha R De an married Tomalin Reese (see below) and named a son Lunsford Pitts Reese. (Lunsford Pitts R eese is injured severely in the Civil War, having joined the AL 33rd in Greenville, Butler, A L, and goes to Bonifay, FL, after the war.) This is also the first connection I?ve found t o the Lunsford family (Henry Lunsford), some of whom that went to Texas in the group with Sim eon Dean in 1870 are surely from the same family. Tomalin Reese?s grandmother was Susan Colem an (Andrew Jackson Deens married a Louise Coleman although I do not know if related).

      p. 32
      [Aug? 1831]
      Ordered that Rueben E. Brown, Isham Dinkins, Elijah Dean, David Patten, and John Chambers b e appointed appraisers of the estate of Henry R. Blanchard, dec.

      Page 120-5 Sep. 1831:
      Lunsford Pitts, one of the administrators on the estate of L. C. Pitts, dec., was authorize d to amend his return for year 1830 so far as regards the hire of negro slave Hector to Lewi s Jourdan for #101.

      p. 35
      Page 137-16 Jan 1832
      [Ratliff Echols died by Jan 1832.] Ratliff Echols had served as guardian of Furney H Sheppar d, infant orphan of Henry Sheppard dec, and Elizabeth Joiner, mother of Furney H Sheppard an d now wife of John Joiner. John and Elizabeth Joiner assumed guardianship of Furney H Sheppar d, giving bond of $1400 with Hardy Buck and Lunsford Pitts as security.
      NOTE: A Mariah Sheppard of Wayne, NC, married Matthew Revell in Twiggs Co, GA in 1817. Mat thew was the brother of Mary Ann ?Polly? Revell that married Thomas Abel Briley; Abel and P olly Revell Briley were my 3rd great grandparents.

      William S. Coulson assumed guardianship of Burton Pitts, David Pitts, and Mary Pitts by payin g a $2000 bond. Hugh Lawson served as administrator of the estate of Ratliff Echols.

      Page 139-3 Mar 1832:
      Hugh L Irwin becomes admin of the Ratliff Echols estate.

      p. 36
      Henry Pitts and Thomas Howell were approved for letters of dismission form the administratio n of the estate of John Howell.

      p. 38
      [Nov? 1832]
      Elijah Dean, David Patton, Ira T. Hobbs, James Fitzgerald, and Vincent Calhoun were appointe d to appraise the estate of John Chambers, dec.

      p. 41
      Page 171-4 Nov 1833:
      Baptist Scott, Thomas Taylor, and Samuel Gilmore were appointed commissioners to divide the N egroes in the estate of Lunsford C Pitts, now of Ratliff Eckles (sic).

      Page 178-20 Jan 1834:
      William S Coalson, guardian for the three Pitts orphans, also becomes guardian for one of th e orphans of Ratliff Echols/Eckles/Eckels.

      p. 43
      Page 183-3 Mar 1834:
      Thomas N. McWilliams became guardian of Jane and Rebecca, minor orphans of Ratliff Eckles, gi ving bond and Hugh L Irwin his security in the sum of $2000.

      Hugh L. Irwin was appointed guardian of William and Joel, minor orphans of Ratliff Eckles, gi ving is bond with Thomas N McWilliams his security in the sum of $2000.

      Page 189-9 July 1834:
      Samuel Gilmore, William W. West, Thomas N. McWilliams, Hugh L Irwin, and Daniel Rhodes were a ppointed to appraise the estate of Thomas Taylor, William C Taylor admin.

      p. 45
      Page 203-2 Mar. 1835:
      Elijah Dean appointed administrator on the estate of Sterling Chapman, dec., on his giving bo nd with Ira T. Hobbs as his security in the sum of $100.

      Baptist Scott, Ira T. Hobbs, Lemuel Cherry, Aaron Lowe, and Jordan Reese were appointed to ap praise the estate of Sterling Chapman, dec.

      p. 47
      Page 215-20 Jul. 1835:
      Raleigh Hightower appointed guardian for Maria Underwood on giving bond in the sum of $1000 w ith John McKenzie and Elijah Dean as securities.
      NOTE: Raleigh Hightower was the brother-in-law of Elijah Dean?s sister Sally Dean. I thin k this Maria Underwood may be Sally Dean?s granddaughter and may be the Maria that married E lijah?s son David R Dean.

      p. 49
      Page 227-7 Mar 1836:
      D. B. Lowe appointed administrator of the estate of Nathan McGraw, dec., by his giving bond w ith Jordan Reese his security in the sum of $4000.

      Aaron Lowe, Elijah Dean, John Henderson, David Patten, and I. T. Hobbs appointed to apprais e the estate of Nathan McGraw, dec.
      NOTE: <>
      NOTE: the following site has every one of the surnames above. I believe that they are the sa me families. They are Oglethorpe and Wilkes, which is where the earliest congregation of peop le was-or you might say the latest during the British occupation. Oglethorpe and Wilkes provi ded the men that served with Elijah Clarke during that occupation. <http://wc.rootsweb.ances>
      I believe that the Jordan Reese above is the uncle of Tomalin Reese who married Elijah Dean? s daughter Martha.
      [Another Jordan Reese b. 1827 married a JETER in Texas; the Jeters married into Bobbi?s Deans .]

      Name: Aaron Augustus LOWE
      Given Name: Aaron Augustus
      Surname: Lowe
      Sex: M
      Birth: 1 Mar 1761 in South Carolina
      Death: 1840 in Houston County, Georgia
      Event: Public Service Unknown Member of State Legislature in Georgia

      Father: John Lt. Jr. LOWE b: 1736 in Chowan, Halifax County, North Carolina
      Mother: Nancy Ann BUTLER b: Bet. 1738 - 1742 in Goochland County, Virginia

      Marriage 1 Priscilla MAHON
      Married: Aft. 1830
      Aaron Augustus Jr. LOWE b: 19 Apr 1831

      Marriage 2 Mary Ann WARREN
      Married: Aft. 1797
      Parmelia Eleanor LOWE
      Mary Ann LOWE b: 3 May 1824
      Sarah Frances LOWE b: 30 Oct 1828

      Marriage 3 Unknown LOWE
      Daniel Butler LOWE b: Abt. 1782
      William LOWE b: Abt. 1797

      p. 55 (Inferior Court Minutes 1836-1852)
      Page 20 4 Sept 1837:
      Lemuel Cherry was appointed guardian of George W. Cherry, William J. Cherry, and Robert Cherr y, orphans of George Cherry, late of Pulaski County, dec. Bond was set at $6000 with Baptis t A (sic) Scott and Isaac Holmes as security.
      NOTE: Lemuel Cherry was husband of Rebecca Dean, daughter of Richard Dean. George Wyatt Ch erry eventually married Elizabeth Dean, daughter of Elijah Dean.

      James Cherry, one of the orphans of George Cherry, being a resident of Houston Co and under t he age of 14, chose Henry Mashburn as his guardian. Bond for Henry Mashburn set at $2000 wit h Lemuel Cherry and Isaac Holmes as security.
      NOTE: Henry Mashburn was husband of Elizabeth Anne Cherry, sister of James, George W, Willi am J, Robert, Louisa, Emily and Mary Ann C Cherry.

      Emily Cherry and Mary Ann C. Cherry, orphans of George Cherry, chose Isaac Holmes as their gu ardian. and bond for Isaac Holmes was set at $4000 with Lemuel Cherry and Thomas T. Johnso n as security.
      NOTE: Isaac Holmes was husband of Louisa Cherry, sister of James, George W, William J, Robe rt, Elizabeth Anne, Emily and Mary Ann C Cherry.

      p. 60
      Page 42-4 Mar 1839(Inferior Court Minutes 1836-1852):
      Elijah Dean, administrator of estate of Sterling Chapman, having fully administered said esta te was relieved and granted appropriate letters.
      NOTE: this is the last entry for Elijah Dean in the Houston Co, GA, records. He appears o n the 1845 Tax list in Muscogee Co, GA. His father Richard died in 1840, and Elijah serve d as administrator of Richard?s estate.

      p. 68
      Page 72 3 May 1841 (Inferior Court Minutes 1836-1852):
      Lemuel Cherry (Elijah?s son-in-law) petitioned the court to have the guardianship of the mino rs of George Cherry moved to Muscogee Co, GA.

      Miscellaneous Estate Records of Houston County, Georgia: Annual Returns Book ?A? 1824-1833; A ppraisements & Sales Book ?A? 1824-1834. Vol I. Abstracted by William R. Henry. 1988: Centr al Georgia Genealogical Society, NSDAR Library # 113103. Copy on file Sharon Dean Lee.
      p. 51
      Pitts, Lunsford C. Dr. (Estate)

      Page 15-17, 23 Jan 1826: Burton H Pitts, Frederick Barber, & Baptist Scott, returned a list o f negroes (Albert, Hector, and Sophia) and property valued at $1914. 37 sworn before Robert T hompson, JP. Recorded 26 Mar. 1826 by Lewis Yarborough, Clerk C. O.
      Page 17-20, 6 Mar. 1826: Lunceford Pitts and Henry Pitts, Administrators, returned the negroe s and property sold to: Davidson Moore, Elijah Deen, Robert Collier, Ruth Pitts, Moses Yarbor ough, William Hilliard, Burton H. Pitts, Baptist Scott, Wilson Collins, Charles Williams, Jos eph Brantly, Henry Pitts, Larry O. Bryant, Frederick Barber, Joshua Bryant, Wiley Williams, R obert Collins, Thomas Howell, Furney F. Batlin, Donaldson Moore, R. B. Winget, Nat. McCall, J ames S. Ivy (negro Albert), Wilson Collins (negro Hector), Robert Thompson, and John Rawls fo r a total amount of $787.65. Sworn to in open court before Tuttle H. Moreland, JIC. Recorde d 26 Mar. 1826 by Lewis Yarborough, C. C. O.
      Page 261, 12 Nov 1826: See estate of Ratliff Eckles for a refree return on division of negroe s Albert, Hector, and Sophia and her child.

      p. 39
      Chambers, John (Estate)

      Page 226-228, 4 Mar. 1833: Daniel B. Lowe, Administrator, returned an accounting of sales o n 11 Feb 1833. Purchasers were: B. L. Sanford, William Chambers, A. Bridges, D. B. Lowe, Mrs . Chambers, J. Fitzgerald, D. Patton, B. Joiner, John Quigley, H. W. Brunson, William Parker , J. Henderson, V. Calhoun, C. Webb, W. Hemmingway, J. Quick, R. Dean, and Henry Summerford . Sworn before Charles H. Rice, C. C. O.
      Page 228-229. 9 Mar. 1833: Vincent Calhoun, David Patton, and James Fitzgerald returned an in ventory and appraisement of the estate on 10 Jan. 1833. Vincent Calhoun, J.P. certified the y were duly sworn as Appraisers before entering in the appraisement.
      NOTE: R. Dean is 73-year-old Richard Dean, who purchased bee hives.

      Land Records of Houston County, Georgia 1834-1836 Deed Book F, Special District & Land Lot M aps, Special Listing Lottery Grantee. Vol. IV. Compiled by Davine V. Campbell and William R . Henry. 1993: Central Georgia Genealogical Society, NSDAR Library # 114586. Copy on file Sh aron Dean Lee.

      Clark County, Georgia 7-27-1832 [Prob. 1822-see next pg.] Deed pg 677
      Grantor: Robert T. Walker Clark Co, GA.
      Grantee: John A Cobb Clark Co, GA
      $100.00 Lot No 81 in the 5th Dist. Houston Co.m, GA.
      Drawn By: Robert T. Walkers (7-17-1822) Clark Co., GA. 1821 LL
      ?Adjoining 80, 82, 76, & 102?
      Wit: John Dean
      George Scott
      William Mitchell, J. P. Signed: Robert T. Walker
      Recorded: March 16, 1836

      An Index to Georgia Tax Digests: 1809-1811. Vol IV. 1986: Reprint Co, Spartanburg, SC, for R . J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation, NSDAR Library, Washington, D.C. # 80592. Copy on file Sharon De an Lee.
      Dean, Burket 1810 Morgan
      Dean, Demcey? 1810 Lincoln
      Dean, Frederick 1810 Morgan
      Dean, Jerimiah 1810 Morgan
      Dean, John 1810 Jackson
      Dean, Shadrick 1810 Jackson
      Dean, William 1810 Baldwin
      Deane, John 1809 Clarke
      Deane, John 1809 Clarke
      Deane, John 1809 Clarke
      Deane, Nathaniel 1809 Clarke

      1830 Georgia Census
      Joseph S Lunsford Houston, Georgia
      Moses Lunsford Jasper, Georgia
      Hazel Lunsford Monroe, Georgia
      George Lnaford [George Lunceford Aka Lunsford] Rabun, Georgia
      Stephen Lunsford Duprees, Talbot, Georgia
      Henry Lunsford Taliaferro, Georgia
      Reuben Lunsford Taliaferro, Georgia
      William Lunsford Taliaferro, Georgia
      Samuel Lunsford Telfair, Georgia
      James S Lunsford Twiggs, Georgia
      Jacob Lunsford District 171, Wilkes, Georgia
      Peter Lunsford District 171, Wilkes, Georgia

      Page 110.
      Date of bond: 9 January 1865.
      Guardian: Burton H. Pitts.
      Security: Columbus M. Lester.
      Amount of bond: $20,000.
      Orphan(s): Sarah M. Pitts, Aurelia L. Pitts, Lunsford Pitts, Emma Pitts, Mitchell Pitts, Jame s M. Pitts, and Burton H. Pitts.
      Deceased parent: James H. Pitts.

      Title: Laurens County Legal Records 1807-1832
      Author: Compiled by Allen Thomas, 1991. NSDAR Library, Washington, DC. Copy on file Sharon Dean Lee
      Text: I. Estate of Richard Deen(s) of Laurens Co, GA d. 1812 (Estate documents 1812-1821)

      Laurens County Legal Records 1807-1832, Compiled by Allen Thomas, 1991.

      NOTE: Richard Deen married Winnifred Dyson 21 Jan1793 in Nash Co, NC. He moved to Laurens Co , GA about 1812 and died there the next year, 1813. Richard and Winnifred Dyson Dean had thr ee children: Williamson, Meeky Tarley/Farley, and Charity Dean.

      07-08-1812 Miles Smith, Sheriff of Laurens County, sold to Richard Dean of Laurens County . 287 acres originally granted to John Brazell. (resulted from Jones Walton and Co. vs. Jo hn Clark, executor of Elijah Clarke estate, dated 1807).

      08-00-1812 Richard Deen, SR. named as a commissioner to view proposed road. [This is th e only mention of a Sr. in any of the legal documents listed for Laurens County.]

      09-06-1813 Richard Deen estate. $1400 bond with R. W. W. Wynne and Lewis Linder as securi ties for Wynne as admin of the Deen estate. [NOTE: This Richard Deen had purchased his lan d a year earlier on July 8, 1812. See above.]

      9-00-1814 ordered that Robert W. W. Wynne, admin of the Richard Deen estate, have leave t o sell 150 acres of the Deen estate on Big Creek.

      12-06-1814 R. W. W. Wynne, administrator of the Richard Deen estate, sold to Ebenezer Fols om 150 acres . . . on Big Creek adjoining Mary Taylor, Alexander Smith, and Henry Culpepper.

      9-00-1815 Richard Deen/Dean [the older] was appointed the guardian for a Charity Deen, orp han of Richard Deen, in Laurens Co, GA, in 1815, with Elijah Deen as security. $200.00 bond .

      9-00-1815 Robert W. W. Wynne admin of the Deen estate, rendered expenditures of $201.08.

      9-00-1815 (#1) Deens estate paid out monies to Joseph Calhoun, Hardy Wyatt, Berry, Bruton , Thomas Montford, Amos Love, John Clements, William Godrey, J. Brantley, Samuel Spullock, Le wis Hall, Instance Hall, Issac Ferguson, F. S. Grantland, James Bush, Ecols Hightower, Sila s Everett, Samuel Kirkland

      9-00-1815 (#2) Hardy Wyatt, Justices William O?Neal, George Linder, and Adam Jones. Seem s to be a continuance of #1 above.

      1-06-1816 *Winny Dean and Williamson Dean as securities for Winny Dean as guardian of Farle y (sic) Dean, orphan of Richard Dean.

      1-00-1817 Winny Dean appointed guardian of Tarly Deen, a minor, by giving bond of $500.00

      01-00-1817 R. W. W. Wynne was admin and he paid out to the admin. Of C. Hightower*, admini strators of B. Harrison, and William Thompson.

      [*admin of estate of Charnel Hightower is Joshua Hightower]

      3-00-1817 On application of Robert W. W. Wynne, admin. Of the Deen estate, court ordered J n. Parker, Joel, Williams, James Beaty, Joseph Saltonstall and Moses Pullen to divide the Dee n estate.

      9-00-1817 Robert W. W. Wynne admin of the Deen estate, rendered expenditures of $141.09.

      7-27-1818 Williamson Deen m. Eliza Smith.

      1-00-1819 Ordered that Instance Hall, Elijah Dean, James Beaty, Joseph Calhoon, and John K een appraise the Dean estate. [Winiford apparently died]

      1-00-1819 Williams Deen granted letters of administration on the Deen estate. $500.00 bon d with Young Keen and William Moorman as securities.

      1-04-1819 Williamson as administrator of Winnifred Dean

      3-01-1819 $500.00 bond with Williamson Dean and Lewis Linder as securities for Williamso n Dean as guardian of Meeky Farley (sic) Dean, orphan of Richard Dean.

      4-10-1819 Williamson Dean, of Laurens Co, sold 287 acres on Big Creek, formerly called Cla rk?s Creek. Dean was one of three legatees of the deceased Richard Dean.

      9-00-1819 Robert W. W. Wynne, admin, Deen estate, applied for letters of dismissal from hi s admin. 6 months notice ordered published.

      6-20-1821 Itemized inventory of the Dean estate as prepared by appraisers Daniel Hill, You ng Woodard, and Needham Cock.

      3-00-1821 Letters of dismissal to be granted to Robert W. W. Wynn on estate of Richard Dea n

      11-17-1839 Farley M. Dean, of Lee County, appointed Williamson Dean as his attorney in fac t to sell Laurens County. Lands. This document was prepared in Dooly County and was witnesse d by Edward Slade.

      1-25-1840 Williamson Dean of Dooly County, sold to Edward J. Everard J. Blackshear and Jos eph J. F. Blackshear. For the price of $100.00, land sold was 95 acres on Big Creek, origina lly granted to John Brazill. Land bounded by Jones lands, now N. Tuckers. This piece of lan d was that that Farley M. Dean was awarded as heir of Richard Dean. Deed witnessed by H. H . Todd and Justice of Inferior Court David R. Maddox. This property was sold by Williamson D ean, as power of attorney for Farley M. Dean.

      * All of the following spellings are given for Winnifred Dean in the Laurens Co, GA, legal do cuments: Winny / Winnefred //Winiford Dean

      Wills: THOMAS PULLEN, Senior, 1824: Laurens Co., Ga.

      Contributed for use in USGENWEN Archives by Judith K. Folsom bfolsomfamily@earthl

      Laurens County Georgia Will Book A, 1809-1840, pages 93-95

      The Will of THOMAS PULLEM, Senior
      Written December 30, 1824 and recorded March 21, 1828

      In the name of God Amen. I THOMAS PULLEN of the
      County of Laurens and State of Georgia in reasonable
      health and sound mind and memory, knowing that it is
      appointed to all men once to die and wishing to point
      out the order and manner for the distribution of what
      property it has pleased GOD to bless me with, do make
      and ordain this my last Will and Testament. First I
      wish all my just debts, if I should have any unpaid
      at my death, paid out of the sale of property
      hereafter named.

      Item, I give to my son HENRY PULLEN my large family

      Item, I give to my son THOMAS PULLEN four hundred
      Acres of land more or less, it being the plantation
      where I now reside. Also one Negro man named Jack and
      one volume of Cokes Commentary.

      Item, I give to my son MOSES PULLEN two hundred Acres
      of land now in his possession, also one Negro man
      named John and also all my guns and one small Bible
      and one volume of Cokes Commentary.

      Item, I give unto the heirs of JOHN ARLINE one
      hundred and fifty dollars to be raised out of the
      sale of property hereafter appropriated.

      Item. I give unto my daughter MARGARET MASON one
      Negro man named Jacky, commonly called Jonas.

      Item, I give unto my daughter MARY PULLEN one hundred
      and forty four Acres of land on Big Creek bounded by
      Charles Morrman and Simeon Ellington?s land. Also one
      Negro woman named Amy and young Sorrell Mare called
      Pok and six cows and calves and one bed she is making
      with the furniture thereto belonging and one other
      bed she is making and her trunk and ten pair of geese
      and one stock of bees.

      Item, The balance of my books, not heretofore
      disposed of, I wish to be equally divided between my

      Item, I give unto my stepson LEWIS LINDER one Negro
      man named Serus and one Negro woman named Hannah.

      Item, I give unto my stepson GEORGE LINDER one Negro
      man Serus, commonly called Jim.

      Item, I give unto my stepsons LEWIS and GEORGE LINDER
      all the property not herein mentioned that belonged
      to their Mother at the time of our intermarriage. My
      wish and desire is that the balance of my property
      not specially disposed of be sold in order to pay my
      just debts and the cash legacy and what remains to be
      equally divided between my sons THOMAS PULLEN, HENRY
      and MARY PULLEN and to the heirs of JOHN ARLINE one
      sixth part to each. My desire is that this wish may
      be carried into effect as soon after my death as it
      can be done with convenience and propriety at the
      discretion of my executor hereafter to be named and I
      do hereby appoint HENRY PULLEN and GEORGE LINDER my
      executors to this my last will and testament hereby
      revoking all wills heretofore made by me do declare
      this my Last Will and Testament. In witness where of
      I have hereto set my hand and seal this 30th of Dec.
      1824. THOMAS PULLEN (seal)

      Executed in Presents of James Mason, Lewis G. Linder,
      Thomas Vickers, David R. Maddux, and David Mason.

      Georgia, Laurens County, Court of Ordinary, March
      term 1828. James Mason, Lewis G. Linder and David R.
      Maddux being duly sworn deposed and saith that they
      were present and did see THOMAS PULLEN the Testator
      named in the foregoing will sign, seal, publish and
      acknowledge the same to be his last will and
      testament and that they did also see Thomas Vickers
      and David Mason sign their names together with
      themselves as witnesses thereto and that he was of
      sound mind and memory at he time of so doing. Sworn
      to in open Court, Signed-David R. Maddux; James
      Mason; Lewis Linder (Attest)

      Thomas Moore, Clerk
      Recorded march 21, 1828, Will Book A, 1809-1840
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      Title: Laurens County Legal Records 1807-1832, Compiled by Allen Thomas, 1991. NSDAR Library, Washi ngton, DC.
      Publication: Copy on file Sharon Dean Lee
      Text: 27 Sept 1814 Elijah Dean was groom. Martha Page was bride. Marriage performed by Justice o f Peace Daniel O. Neal.
      20 Feb 1818 Lunsford C. Pitts was groom. Ruth Page was bride. Marriage performed by Justic e of Peace Elijah Dean.
      7 Feb 1820 Jacob Page was groom. Elizabeth Roberts was bride. Marriage performed by Justic e of Peace Elijah Dean.
      14 Feb 1822 Baptist Scott was groom. Elizabeth Page was bride. Marriage performed by Justic e of Peace Elijah Dean.
      Title: Chattahoochee County GaArchives History .....Chapter II - History of Chattahoochee Co., GA 19 33
      Text: Copyright. All rights reserved. http://www.usgwarch ************************************************ File contributed fo r use in USGenWeb Archives by: Joy Fisher November 3, 2004, 5:23 pm CHAPTE R II Early Settlers and Homes

      The following is copied from oldest book of records in office of Muscogee Co. Only reference s to people and places later part of Chattahoochee Co. were selected to write into this histo ry. Abbreviations to be used here. J. I. C. for Justice of Inferior Court; r., road; ord., or dered; coms., commissioners; comn., commencing; p., public; and int. intersecting. Followin g names are not included in Index. Dec. 10, 1938, Jas. C. Holland, Hardy C. Sapp, and Manoa h D. Robison, Justices of the Inferior Court. A reward of $1,000 was offered for the apprehen sion and conviction of incindiaries who set fire to the court house on morning of October 15 , 1838. (Destruction of all records prior to 1838 has made it impossible to obtain exact date s of arrival of certain families connected with this history of Chattahoochee.) First month s of 1839 Robt. W. Carries and James M. Chambers were also Justices of this Court. Repairs we re authorized (in 1839) on bridge across Upatoi Creek near Hiram Fuller's residence; Little B erry Randall, Jas. Vinson and Pry or Dozier to act as coms. Jan. 8, 1840: Ord. that Elijah De an, Joshua R. McCook, William Wilkerson and Henry King review and report upon the propriety o f a pub. r. comn. at Horton and Gray's mills running S. W. across St. Mary's r. at Jas. Jerni gan's residence; int. r. leading from Columbus to Lumpkin at Henry Sander's residence. Feb. 1 , 1841; Ord. that Jas. H. Scarbrough, Henry Tarver and Martin Mims be appointed coms, to revi ew and lay off r. from Stewart Co. line to Lumpkin r. below John Woofolk's to be known as th e River R. to Florence. March 27, 1841; J. I. C.'s were Jas. M. Chambers, Wiley Williams, H . Mitchell and H. C. Sapp. April 1841; Alexander Moss, Samuel C. Parks and Elijah Dean were a ppointed to select place for bridge across Upatoi; Joseph Shippey then lived in 9th D. of Mus cogee. June 7, 1851; Ord. that John Woolfolk, Jeremiah Walker and H. C. Sapp be appointed com s, to let out the building and keeping in repairs five years a bridge across Upatoi near Col . Woolfolk's. Amos Schumpert, James Cook and Edmund Oneal were in D. 787. Bridge across Upato i at Peggy Read's to be constructed. E. B. W. Spivey, Henry King and A. Parks coms. One acros s Nochille at Watkin's Mill to be repaired, James Hickey, Faris Ray, Isaac Webb and J. R. McC ook coms. Hiram Fuller rec'd $200.00 for erecting Randall's Bridge across Upatoi. Hardy Counc il Sapp was J. I. C. in Jan. 1842, continuing into 1844; Hubbard Van Horn was paid $600.00 fo r building the Peggy Reed bridge on St. Mary's, and also for one across Upatoi and Horton an d Ezekiel's Mills. A private r. running by Henry King's to Marion Co. line near Benj. Mathi s to enable them to have access .to the Market R. was sought and J. R. McCook, Jas. Hickey an d Isaac Webb coms, to report upon its utility. March 1844: Ord. that the following gentleme n be appointed overseers for the poor in their respective Dists. Dist. 921: Peter S. Bugg, I . G. Cook and Samuel Watkins. Doles D.: A. Odom, Daniel Huff and S. Prince. Upatoi D.: Jame s Pattillo, Peter V. Guerry, and Gray Harris. Glenn. D.: Lemuel Cherry, T. F. Wooldridge an d West Parker. Halloka D.: Jas. Hickey, J. R. McCook and Jas. Cook. River D.: H. C. Sapp, J . T. Harp and P. M. Thomas. 8th D.: William Kirk, L. M. Biggers and William Clark. Town D.: T homas Morris, G. W. Turrentine and W. A. Read. Town D.: B. F. Coleman, Wm. F. Luckie and As a Pond. Jan. 1845: Ord. that Jas. Hickey and J. M. Renfroe, Peter Albritton and Wm. McBryde b e appointed to have bridge built, across Nochillee. March 1845: R. C. Patterson was paid fo r building bridge across Randall's C. on Express R. from Columbus to Tazewell. Road Overseer s for 1845 D. 787: Alexander Ligon, J. R. McCook and Perry Browning J. P. D. 678: Wm. Wooldri dge, Elijah Dean and F. Hanson J. P. D. 724: H. C. Sapp, Rivers Reese and Thos. Roland J. P . May 1845: Hiram Fuller, Wilson Gordy and Irvin Watkins were appointed reviewers of pub. r . to com. at Bald Hill, thence to Fuller's Bridge. James Roland, Daniel Parkman and Jno. Aver ett reviewers of another r. to com. at Moss and int. Lumpkin r. near Roland's Mill. March 9 , 1846: Jas. McGuire, Rivers Reese, Wm. Wooldridge, John Victory and Geo. W. Character (Carak er) app. reviewers of new r. in their community to int. Col. Lumpkin r. near McGuire's. May 4 , 1846: John McGlaun, Ratliff Boon and Samuel Jones app. reviewers of r. com. near southern e nd of Wm. Bagley's lane running to Co. line near John Brewer's. Sept. 1846: Wm. Cobb, Wm. Cre w, Peter M. Thomas, Henry King, Amos Schumpert and Perry Browning, app. coms, to lay out r. c om. at Schumpert's mill; thence to Wilkinson's bridge; thence to River r. at Massey's. Marc h 1848 Road Commissioners D. 773: Willis S. Halstead J. P., Wiley E. Jones and Jas. E. Cook . D. 772: Laban C. Pool J. P., John T. Lokey and John Wood. D. 678: Ezekiel Walters J. P., Wi lliam Bagley and John Smith. D. 787: Perry Browning J. P., James Hickey and Samuel Johnson. D . 774: Sterling Jenkins J. P., Pinckney Hazelton and John B. Dozier. D. 675: Robt. W. Carne s J. P., Charles M. Smith and Robt. Boyd. D. 724: Archibald Bonnell J. P., Jeremiah G. Walke r and Wm. G. Wooldridge. D. 921: Jas. W. Massey J. P., Wm. P. Malone and William C. Wardlaw . J. I. C.'s 1859: Samuel R. Andrews, Adam G. Foster, Jas. M. Renfroe and James Wimberly. Amo ng overseers for the poor were Thos. F. Wooldridge, Samuel C. Parks, Henry J. Eelbeck, M. D . Wall, Theophilus Sapp, Wm. W. Smith, James Cook, Daniel Wood and Wm. W. Shipp. Feb. 5, 1851 : R. applied for by Benj. Alford, James Wilson, Wm. Delsold (?), Vincent Harrison, John Rolan d, John M. Jones, Wm. Terry, John A. Macon, Joseph C. Terry, Frances Surles, Drewry Banks, He nry Yarbrough, Wm. R. Surles, Wm. W. Garrard, Alexander Moss, P. L. Peacock, Daniel McLeod (? ), Henry C. Vigal, Samuel Bartlet, William House, Joshua Williams, Samuel J. Leggett, Thoma s Surls, Charles Beck, Jas. McGuire J. I. C. 1852. 1852 Ord. that accts. for educating poor s chool children be paid at the rate of four cts. per day and that Wm. H. Grace be allowed $200 .00; E. H. Calkoran $100.00; balance in hand $53.32 be pd. to Mrs. Carnes and Mrs. Edgars o n acct. Teachers Wm. H. Webb, Mrs. H. Johnson, Mrs. Graybill, John Sturgess, Littleton Morgan , Mary E. McCook, I. Desmond, John W. Morrison, J. L. Lamar, Jane Thompson, Wm. H. Huff, Mis s C. Phelps, James Castleberry, Mrs. F. A. Perkins, John F. Hodge, Mrs. A. J. Abbott, A. L. B oyden, Littleton Winn (Wynn), R. W. B. Monroe, Wm. H. Green, Clifford Woodruff, E. Brennen, M rs. E. J. LaHatt, Chas. LaHatt, R. Tillery, D. B. Thompson, Mrs. L. Green, S. F. Benson, Mrs . Horton. Land Transfers from Records in both Muscogee and Chattahoochee Counties T. T. Adam s to John C. Corley 1849; 33 D. 1. 10. Wm. R. Abritton to eter Abritton Hyman Abhritton to Ja mes Lawson D. 1. 72. A. J. Austin to George W. Helms Aug. 28, 1837; 33 D. E. 1-2 1. 149. A. J . Ausain to Seaborn J. Austin 1838; D. 1-4 1.115, witnesses John L. Harp and Oredra Watson J . P. Charles Beck to James McLester 1846; 6 D. E. 1/2l. 143, except 4 A. containing dwellin g of Beck. Samuel Beck to Wm. Crew 1839; 6. D. 148. C. R. Wilkinson to B. P. Rogers, Aug 3, 1 847; 6 D. L. 87. John Brewer to Shadrick Pearson, Nov. 5, 1836; 32 D. 1. 151. McCuin Cobb t o Josiah Pollard, Dec 17,1949; 6th 1. 118. Witnesses Wm. H. Fannigan and N. N. Howard, J. P . Seth Cobb to John Polard 1844; 6th D. N 1-2 1 107. Witnesses Leroy Polard and Lemuel Cherry , J. P. Amos Schumpert to James Cook Feb. 28, 1850, several ots upon waters of Upatoi and Pin e Knot Creeks. Consideration, $.11,000.00. Peter Albritton to Wm. Albriton, Apr. 1, 1849; 6 D . 1. 53, 70A. Benj. Busey to Sarah Parker, Dec. 4, 1837; a gift of some furniture tnd a oom ; Witnesses, Pleasant Warner, Benj. Warner and James Harris. Wilson Culpepper to James Hicke y 5 D. 1. 40. James Cook to John Wall and Jessie Wilson comns, for church at Mt. Paran, 2 acr es; Jan. 7, 1839. David Huff to H. Van Horn and Thos. W. Christian, Oct. 5, 1847; 6 D. L's. 1 85-186-187 and 1-2 of 89. Witnesses: Mary E. Huff, Sarah H. Huff, John A. Huff, Sterling S. J enkins, J. P. John S. Duncan to John Parkman, Jan. 30, 1852; 6th D. 1. 47; witnesses John B . Key and Ezekiel Walters, J. P. eo. Gray to Amos Schumpert, June 9, 1848. Edney Harp to G. W . Martin, Nov. 5, 1843; 7 D. parts 196-177-174. John L. Harp to Jotn Weaver, Sept. 11, 1841 ; 7 D. 1. 152. William House to Calvin Stephens, Nov. 8, 1961; 6 D. 75 A from 1. 172. Natha n King, of Paluski Co. to Joseph King, Nov. 27, 1833; 6 D. 1. 54, John W. Wade, Wiey Colt, J . L. Burn, J. P. Joseph King to Peter Albritton, Sept. 10, 1834; 6 D 1. 54 (consideration, 51 ,500.00 in eacr of these sales). (Mrs.) Caroline King to James Cook, Sept 1, 1847; 5 D. 1.5 8 and 50 A. off southern portion of 1. 59, with exception of one A. immediately around gravey ard. Caroline King, Exrx. Est. Alexander Ligon; wit. J. M. Read and Henry J. Eelbeck, J. P. J essie Lee (of Pulaski Co.) to Wm. Cobb, July 14,1838 6 D. S 1-2 1. 109-$600.00; Wit. McCuin C obb and Jas. Monroe, J. P. Jessie Lee (of Pulaski Co.) to Willitm Rogers, eb. 12,1839,6 D. 1 . 108; $900.00; Wit. James Howell, G. D. Hightower and Jas. Monroe, J. P. Noth Pittman to Wil litm Rogers, Feb. 9, 1839; cons. Corn and Fodder. Alexander Ligon to James Hickey, Jan. 9, 18 37; 5 D. 1-2 1 (with improvements thereon) 13 and all 1. 12, except 5 A. in S. W. Corner. Wit . Nancy Quinn, Aquilla Cobb and Kinchen Green, J. P. Perry Browning to Richard Clark Oct. 6 , 1849; 6 D. I. 37 E. Barnard & Co. to R. Leal Nov. 17, 1859; JD. 1. 37. O. S Bentley to Marc us A. Bell Feb. 24, 1857: IOD. 1. 175; O. S. Bentley to Marcus A. Bell Oct. 30, 1855; IOD. 1 . 177 N. C. Barnet Secty of State to Joseph Carswell Sept. 12, 1845; 10D.1.166 David Bussey t o John M. Sapp Aug. 23, 1852; 33D. 1s. 206? 205. E. Barnard & Co. to J. Hayes Dec. 9, 1857; 6 D 1. 59. Henrietta Brewer to J. S. Brewer Dec. 28, 1868; 32D. 1s. 139 & 140. S R. Bonner to M . Wise Nov. 21, 1856; 5D. 1. 60. Wm. Bagley to H. A. Helms Aug. 5, 1856: 33D. 1. III. S. R. B onner to W. R. Moore July 31, 1856; 5D 1. 64. J. W. Bowland to W. S. Johnson Nov. 3, 1856: To wn lot 23. Asbury Bryan to Hyram Fuller Nov. 25. 1852; 7D 1. 138 & part of 139. S. R. Brown S hff. to Jas. S. Allums Nov. 6. 1855; 33D. 1. 13. W. M. Bussey to Jesse Osteen Nov. 12, 1854 ; 6D. 1. 49. Z. Booth to Joel King May 2, 1851; 1OD. 1. 113. Joseph Brittian to Wilson Gord y Oct. 14, 1850; 6D. 1s. 170 & 183. Wm. Bagley Sdmr. to Ransom Covington March 2, 1857; 33D . 1. 88. S. R. Bonner to James Pollard Nov. 18. 1856: 6D. 1. 104. Thos. H. Brown to Wm. S. Th omas Sept. 1, 1857: 5D. 1. 1. 3. W. W. Bussey to S. R. Shirah Nov. 13, 1850; 33D. 1. 42. Davi d Bowland to Calvin Ivey et al. Feb. 6, 1853; 10D. 1. 222. L. H. Briscoe to Edmond Oneal Nov . 9, 1856; 32D. 1. 246. Wm. Bagley Shff. to W. W. Shipp et al. March 2, 1858; 7D. 1. 121. Wm . Bagley Shff. to Perry Spencer July 6, 1858; 6D. 1. 29. J. M. Brooks to J. W. Barfield Jan . 13, 1858; 7D. 1. 93. W. W. Barbaree to A. B. Evans Aug. 10, 1858; 33D. 1. 172. D. H. Burt s to J. M. Brooks Sept. 22, 1858; 33D. 1. 12. Thos A. Banks to Reuben Phillips Dec. 29, 1834 ; 5D. 1, 90. J. G. Cobb Shff. to Thos. G. Whig-ham May 5, 1857; 33D. 1. 15. J. G. Cobb Shff . to W. W. Shipp et al. May 5, 1857; Town lots 36 & 56. W. M. Camion to L. P. Nelson Apr. 7 , 1857; Personality. James Coleman to Bolina Greer July 17, 1857; 33D. 1. 201. J. G. Cobb Shf f. to N. N. Howard Sept. 1, 1857; 7D. 1. 93. Wm. Bagley Shff. to Edward Covington Dec. 31, 18 59; 33D. 1. 73. N. J. Bussey to W. S. Johnson Tan. 9, 1858; Town lot 81. Wm. Bagley to Isaa c Uuderwood Feb. 20, 1860; 33D. 1. 22. Sam'l Bartlett to G. E. Thomas Dec. 27, 1859; 7D. 1. 1 23. D. E. Bothwell to Ebenezer Both well Apr. 11, 1860; 10D. 1s. 200?208?209?234 and 235. B . R. Burts to R. Reese Oct. 1860; 6D. 1s. 137?121 & 120. John G. Berry Shff. to Jones Broac h Sept. 2, 1860; Town lot 7. Jno. G. Barbee to Wm. P. Barbee Trustee Jan. 9, 1861; share of w ife's estate. Wm. P. Barbee to J. J. Beasly May 28, 1861; Town lot 16. B. R. Burts et al. t o Henry Wynn Jan. 30, 1860; 33D. 1. 183. Wm. Bagley Admr. to N. N. Nicholson Nov. 5, 1861; 32 D. 1s. 214?213. Wm. W. Barbee to C W. Brown Dec. 18, 1861; 1s. 178 & 179. John Bonnell Admr . to W. W. Shipp Oct. 1,1861; 6D. 1s. 85?84?76. Moore Bagley to Wm. Bagley June 20, 1861; 32D . 1s. 237?238. Chas. W. Brown to W. W. Barbaree March 10, 1862; 32D. 1s- 178?179. Wm. Bagle y to Z. H. Gordon Apr. 13, 1863; 33D. 1s. 29 & 21. Mary Ann Blair to Wm. C. A. Blair Apr. 9 , 1863; 6D. 1s. 33?63?64?65. Franklin Bentley to John Harry Dec. 28, 1853; 32S. 1. 240. Apse y Barefield to John Morrel Apr. 18, 1865; 6D. 1. 201. W. W. Bussey to David Wynn Feb. 7, 1856 ; Town lot 73. Z. Booth to Joel King June 9, 1848; 10D. 1s. 125?126?146?149? 124. Wm. Bagle y to Elias Folsom Nov. 5, 1858; 32D. 1s. 244? 243. Zack Booth to Joel King June 9, 1848; 10D . 1s. 174?127? 156?159 and 124. Benj. F. Cobb to James G. Cobb Aug. 3, 1854; 333D. S. E. cor . 1. 12. Seth Cobb to Joseph Scott March 5, 1844; 6D. 1. 171. Thos. Crutchfield to John Pat e Nov. 1, 1854; 5D. 1. 31. FIRST TAX DIGEST FOUND AT CUSSETA IS FOR 1857 Names of Tax Payer s as Found on that List James Armstrong, John M. Armstrong. J. H. Brown, Wm. R. Bartlett, Tho s. Bush, Matthew Bailey, (Agt. for John A. Hunter), Drury Bank, Samuel S. Bartlett, Jr.;, Wal ter Banks, John Z. Brooks. Thos. Christian, J. T. Christian Jas. C. Coleman, James Cook, Wm . Covington, Jas. M. Cook, Abner M. Christian, Chapel Christian, Wm. Clark, Edwin C. Corlet ( Agt. for Wm. McElvey), William Davis, Pryor Dozier, Joseph Downer, Samuel Ellis, John Field . Miles Goolsby (Agt. for Martha Garrard), Elisha P. Green. John Horn. Wesley T. Horn, Burrel l Hill, Jesse Hill, LaFayette Harp, Charles LaHatte. Edmund Jones, Wingfield Livingston, El i Lightner, William Morgan, Jethro Gates, Harris Parish, Jas. G. Perry, Richard G. Parkman, W m. H. Parkman. Eucratus Roland, Wm. M. Roberson, T. W. Reese, James Rankin (Agt. for Sarah Mo ore). Christian Smith, Richard Scruggs, Thomas Schley, Calvin Stephens, Joel Stephens, Thos . Surls, Francis Surls, N. H. Shaw (Agt. For D. McDougald), Theophilus Sapp (also as .guardia n for Wm. A. and Harriet Sapp). Pleasant Tomberlin, Grigsby E. Thomas, Gabriel Tombs, Henry T urnage, Geo. W. Tomberlin. Hubbard Van Horn. Benjamin Wallace, Michael Williams, John R. Wynn , Ishaam Wyndham, John M. Williams, Joshua Williams, Jos. L. Williams, Micajoh Wardlaw, Edwar d M. Weems, John Wynn. Samuel Adams, Wm. Bullock, W. H. Coleman, Jas. M. Daniel, Hiram Fuller , Addison Everidge, Robert Foster, John Gardner, Joseph Gardner, William Green, J. Gafford, J esse Green. W. H. Nobles, Robt. Niles. Henry Stringfellow, C. M. Walker, (widow), C. G. Willi ams, J. Stanfield, Wm. Consort, John Morrell, John T. O'Pry, Rebecca Williams, John M. Parker . D. 787. Wm. R. Albritton (Agt. for Joe King), William Amos, Charles Blair, Mary A. Blair, W m. Browning, James Browning, Henry Culpepper, Alfred Dorrington, Joel D. Estes (Agt. for E. B arnard), John Hurst, B. W. Howard, (Agt. for Clark Culpepper), John A. Hays, R. E. Jones. Jam es H. Jones (trustee for wife), John B. Jones, Henry King, Henry J. King, John R. King, Geo . A. Lankford (Agt. for Wm. H. Lankford and Elijah Dean), Robert Little, Sarah McBryde, Wm. N . McNaughton, Adm. Est., James McNaughton. Daniel A. Pickren, Robert E. Pickren (Adm. Est. o f A. Pickren), Benjamin Pate, Leroy Pollard (Agt. for Sarah and John Pollard). Pinckney Roger s, Robert W. Read. David F. Scarborough. William Williams, James Whittle, Leroy Williams, Mad dox Wall, Paschal Wall, James Wall, Daniel Wilkerson, Wm. Wooten, Maddox Wall (Agt. for Leona rd P. Nelson). W. Cannon, R. W. Windham, Wm. Welch, Cortis Ellort. Anderson Averett, Willia m P. Jones, S. H. Goodwin, Jesse Williams, Henry Simmons, Robert Bush, Burrell Lee. Dist. 110 6. Rufus Allen, Nathan J. Bussey, Barden Burts, David C. Cody, Mary Ann Crew, James Channel , Charles Fisher (also as Adm. Est. of George Adams), James T. Gordy (Agt. for Elizabeth Helm s), Mary Gunn, J. E. Green, Myles Greene (also Agt. for Lucy Dozier, S. C. Stephen Greene (tr ustee for Redding children), Geo. W. Helms (Agt. for Amelia Austin), John W. Hewell (guar. o f minor children of John L. Harp), Thos. W. Howell (Agt. Jenkins & Prather, Adms. Est. L. W . Cade dec'd), Israel Johnson (Agt. for James Flewellen who is trustee for Mary Johnson), Leo nidas McLester, Jeremiah Peddy, Gillum W. Pollard, Matthew J. Parker, Rivers Reese (also guar . for Henry and William Ligon), William C. Rice, Anderson W. Redding, John Rouse, Robt. C. Re dding. Geo. H. Sapp, Elizabeth Sapp, John M. Sapp (he was guardian for several free negroes) , Forsyth Sapp. Henry R. Toller, William S. Turner. Wm. G. Wooldridge (and as Adm. Est. H. F . Snead), Chas. Wales, Samuel W. Wales, Absalom Wooldridge (Agt. for A. M. Gradre), W. G. Woo ldridge (Agt. for Gideon Adams), Wooldridge & Rice, Anam J. Bagget, Thos. L. Crew, Thos. Home r, Page Hill, Lemuel Lindsye, Geo. W. Sims, Geo. Willis. Dist. 1104. Jas. S. Allums, Augustu s B. Austin, Vincent L. Averett, Allums and Barbee, Seaborn J. Austin, Austin & Austin, Jame s A. Adams, Allen J. Austin, William H. Askew, Wm. D. Askew, Labon T. Austin, Richard Adams , Edwin Adams, Wm. H. Askew (Agt. for Mary McKenzie, guar. for Henry McKenzie), W. W. Bussey , James M. Brooks, John A. Bumgarner, Robt. W. Boyd, Joseph P. Bell, Duncan H. Burts, Samue l Bierz, Thomas A. Brannon (Agt. for Dozier Thornton), John G. Berry, William Bagley (also a s Adm. Ests. of Samuel Jones, and Geo. Howard), John Bonnell, Peter T. Buggs. Barnard L. Cobb , Charles Cousins, Isaac H. Cobb, James Castleberry (also Agt. for A. Smith and for Thos. Tra mmell), Jas. M. Cobb, James Collins (Agt. for Caleb Peed), Edward J. Covington, Jesse Crosby , Ransom Covington, (Agt. for Thornton Wall and Agt. for Frank Cobb), A. F. Clements, Nathani el Cobb, Bradford H. Clark, Wm. F. Cobb, Wm. L. Clark, (Adm. Est. of Wm. Wm. R. Smith), Willi am Cobb, Jesse T. Cobb (Ex. Est. of Seth Cobb), Mary Ann Cherry, Wm. Cannington, Geo. W. Cobb , Jr., William Crew, James G. Cobb. Samuel J. Davis, Daniel E. Davis, Barbery Davis. Seabor n W. Ellis, John Eady. James F. Flannigan, Jas. M. Fussell, John Fussell, Kenyon Flannigan, B enj. A. Fussell, Enoch Fussell, Abner H. Flewellen), Thomas Harry, N. N. Howard, (Adm. Est. W in. H. Fiannigan, guar. for S. W. Parker, Howard and McCook (Agt. for Wm. House, guar. for mi nor heirs of James House), Tilman W. Howard, Peter C. Harry, Wm. A. Helms, Joseph A. Hewell , N. N. Howard (Agt for N. L. Long for Estate of John W. Cousins), Wm. B. Harvey, Jane Howell , Wm. S. Howard, Elizabeth Harrell, Bryant Howell, Whittington Horn, A. C. Hudson, Mathew J . Hudson, Wm. C. Hudson (Agt. for Mary Lane and agt. for Levi Guy), N. N. Howard (Adm. on Est . of Littleton Morgan), James B. Huff, Morgan Howard, Green J. Howell, Cicero P. Howell. Wm . H. Glaze, Water T. Guy (Agt. for Martha Jones), Mark A. George, Wilson Gordy, John T. Georg e, Emily Gunn, Green B. Gordy, Wm. Godfrey. Johnson & Norwood, Wm. S. Johnson, Henry Jones. G eorge W. Kelly, Charles Kelly, Charles King, James Kelly, Wm. B. Kelly, Peter W. G. Kent, Cha s. P. King, Chas. W. King (Agt. for Alfred Ellis), Charles Kennedy. Wm. J. Lankford, Jas. W . Lypsy, Wm. M. Lysle, Wm. C. Morris, Geo. N. McKenzie, Wright McCook, (and also guardian fo r J. I. McCook), John H. McDaniel (Adm. Est, Richard McDaniel), John W. Matthews, James T. Mc Naughton. (Adm. Est. Neal McNaughton), James McLester, Jesse Norwood, Andrew J. Newby. Wm. L . Osteen, Pleasant Odum, Jesse Osteen, Gabriel M. Osteen. Susan V. Parkman, Robt. C. Patterso n (and as guar. for A. C. Hickey), E. P. Whigham, John Parkman (Adm. for Surena Parkman), Jam es L. Potts, Shade Potts, Reuben N. Powell, Mary Pollard. Charles Shirah, Ken Stevenson, Jame s M. Spivey, Wm. W. Shipp, Shipp & Co., Shipp, Wooldridge & Co., Shipp & Allums (Adms. on Par kman Est.), Peterson Sanders. Wm. N. Sanders, John D. Sanders, Joshua C. Sanders, Alfred Snee d (Agt. for E. W. Sneed), John Shuffield. Redd Trammell, Turnipseed & Burts, (Attys.), Harris on Thomas. Thomas Trotman. James T. Reed, Sion Riley, Reed & Wooldridge, Wiliam Rodgers, Elij ah G. Raiford, Raiford and Monroe, Risdon Ryan. James Ray, Jesse M. Reed, J. M. and R. W. Ree d, Chapel Roberts, William Roland, Gary E. Webb. Richard L. Williams, Winifred Williams, Henr y T. Woodall, Wm. B. Willis, David Wynn. Britten Willis. William B. Wallace, Ben P. Wooldridg e, White and Helms, Isaac H. Webb, Hilliard J. White, Young E. Waters, Jacob Williams. Wm. G . Wilkinson. Ezekiel Waters, Jane Willingham. John A. Webb, Wilson J. Wright, John Yarbrough . Berry Allums Asa T. Berry, Chas. A. Brooks. John W. Flanagan. Perry O. Gordy, Samuel K. Hom e, Wiiliam Leonard. Lewis Lorence (Lawrence,) George W. Thompson. Dist. 1107. William Askew , James Abrams. Micajah Bagget, Calvin Bland, Elisabeth G. Burt, John W. Brundrick, James Bru nette, George W. Blow. Daniel Cordrey, John J. Cumbee, Asa W. Chapman (Agt. for Daniel Fouche ), James M. Cook. Wesley Davidson. Henry J. Eelbeck (Trustee for Georgia V. Eelbeck), Caleb G allops. Thomas W. Howell, Sr., Thomas W. Howell, Jr., Hannibal Howell, T. W. Howell (Agt. H . Jordain, Agt. for D. P. Stringfellow, and Agt. for L. Turner), Joseph Jemison (Agt. for Luc y Bland, Enoch Bland, and Wm. Wyrick, Walter Jones. Joel King (Adm. Est. Chas. Mayo), John Kn g (Agt. D. P. Stringfellow (Agt. for Henry Jedudun), James Lanier, Lewis Lanier. John W. McMu rrain, Barna Malona. Green P. Morgan (Agt. for Calvin Bland), James J. Morgan, Thos. Morgan , John Morris. , John G. Pate, Hosea Putnam, Jos
    Person ID I41381  Johnson & Hanson
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    Father Richard DEAN,   b. 1 Apr 1760, Nash County, North Carolina Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 10 Jul 1840, Muscogee County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 80 years) 
    Mother Sarah WILLIAMS 
    Marriage 1780 or 1781 
    Family ID F14769  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Martha PAGE,   b. 07 Dec 1795, Burke County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 1874, Dale County, Alabama Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 78 years) 
    Marriage 27 Sep 1814  Laurens County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Laurens County Legal Records 1807-1832, Compiled by Allen Thomas, 1991. NSDAR Library, Washington, DC.
      27 Sept 1814 Elijah Dean was groom. Martha Page was bride. Marriage performed by Justice of Peace Daniel O. Neal.
    +1. Rebecca Emaline DEAN,   b. 23 Sep 1815, Laurens County, GA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 15 Sep 1847, Muscogee County, GA Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 31 years)
     2. David R DEAN,   b. 01 Feb 1816, Laurens County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this location
     3. Martha R DEAN,   b. 07 Oct 1818, Laurens County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this location
     4. Jeptha Clinton DEAN,   b. 18 Jun 1820, Laurens, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 07 Mar 1895, Avalon, Ellis, Texas, USA Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 74 years)
     5. John T DEAN,   b. 10 Jan 1823, Laurens County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this location
    +6. Simeon DEAN,   b. 14 May 1824, Laurens County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 27 Nov 1892 (Age 68 years)
    +7. Lunsford Ransome DEAN,   b. 18 Jan 1826, Laurens County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this locationbur. unknown Find all individuals with events at this location
     8. Henry DEAN,   b. 18 Dec 1827, Laurens County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this location
    +9. Captain Elijah J DEAN,   b. 18 May 1828, Laurens County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 25 Feb 1920, Pinon Cemetery Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 91 years)
     10. Bryan DEAN,   b. 02 May 1831, Houston County, GA Find all individuals with events at this location
     11. Joseph DEAN,   b. 25 Sep 1833, Houston County, GA Find all individuals with events at this location
    +12. Elizabeth P DEAN,   b. 12 Nov 1834, Houston County, GA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 24 Jul 1911, Dale County, Alabama Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 76 years)
     13. James Jefferson DEAN,   b. 27 Sep 1836, Houston County, GA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 5 May 1902 (Age 65 years)
    Family ID F14768  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart
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  • Headstones
    Elijah Dean Headstone
    Elijah Dean Headstone
    Mount Olive Cemetery, Dale County, Alabama

    The Deans: 200 Years Across The South
    The Deans: 200 Years Across The South
    By Thomas Herbert Dean
    Traces the history of the Dean family from Richard Dean born 1760 through the Revolutionary War to modern day