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Col Henry Duke, Esqr

Henry Duke emigrated from England first to Bermuda and then to York County, VA and later moved to James City County.

The first mention of his name in the records of that county is in 1680 when he is listed as one of the justices of James City County and in 1699 he was commissioned as sheriff. A list of VA military officers for 1698 in James City County shows Capt. Henry Duke with 77 men under Col. Daniel Parke.

On July 25, 1690 (as Capt. Henry Duke), he was appointed by Gov. Francis Nicholson to solicit subscriptions for building a college and free school in the colony. Today, WILLIAM AND MARY is the second oldest college in America

He was a member of the House of Burgesses representing James City county from 1692 to 1699 and in 1702, he was appointed a member of the Royal Council of the colony by Queen Anne and later designated as Judge of the Admiralty Court. As a member of the Royal Council he sat in judgment at the trial of Grace Sherwood, accused of being a witch.

He and his son, Henry Duke, Jr. were examiners of the will of Col. William Byrd, Sr., and made certificate at "Westopher," Charles City County, VA, on Jan 12, 1704/5, and he was appointed by the Council to examine the accounts of William Byrd I as Auditor General of the Colony at his death.

Stillwater Library has a book on Descendants of Col. Henry Duke of James City County, VA.